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Praetorians are champions of the Vex that can be encountered during the Vault of Glass. They are deadlier and more aggressive variants of the Minotaur, charged with protecting the legendary Vault.

During the Wolves' Gambit mission, Praetorians variants called Headless Praetorians can be found attempting to fight off the Wolves that guard the Vault's entrance.


Praetorians have reinforced Void shields and always use the standard Minotaur weapon, the Torch Hammer. Their primary purpose appears to be to defend and reset Sync Plates from non-Vex forces, as Sync Plates activate numerous pieces of Vex technology. Upon capturing the three Sync Plates to construct the Spire that unseals the Vault's main entrance, Praetorians will spawn relentlessly to stop the Spire's completion. More are encountered while facing the Gatekeepers, and will again attempt to reset nearby Sync Plates. In the Destiny 2 version of the encounter, Praetorians will spawn with Immune Shields that can only be destroyed with the Aegis.



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