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Tess Everis
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Tess Everis is an Awoken merchant in the Tower Plaza who deals in special items acquired from within and outside of the City. Tess originally provided Guardians access to exclusive Emblems, Shaders, Sparrows, and Ghost Shells,[1] but with the help of her uncle, the Guardian Fenchurch Everis, she has since started selling Emotes via her latest venture, the Eververse Trading Company.[2]


Tess Everis, born in the City after her parents fled the Reef, runs the Eververse Trading Company. She unexpectedly met an Awoken Warlock named Fenchurch who possessed a Silver coin, signed with the exact same key as Tess's coin that belonged to her Reefborn grandmother. Both suspected that they may be related and since then entered have been in a partnership with her newly found 'uncle'. While her uncle traverses the Solar System, she periodically receives letters from him, keeping her updated on his whereabouts and his exploits.

The Red War

"What? You thought a bit of apocalypse would shut down Eververse? Not likely."
— Tess Everis

After the Cabal Red Legion launched a surprise attack on the Last City, succeeding in conquering it and scattering the Guardians, Tess escaped and regrouped with other survivors at The Farm, where she continued to provide rare goods for the Guardians. She met with The Young Wolf at the farm and explained she had not shut down operations because she believed Eververse's goods would help with morale, especially at the drab farm.[3]

Following the City's liberation, Tess returned home and opened a new storefront at the new Tower.


Tess Everis sells unique Emotes at her shop in the Tower for Silver. Additional cosmetic items will be added to her inventory over time.


  • Everis is voiced by actress Claudia Black.
  • On August 11, 2015, Tess Everis was removed from the Tower in Update and replaced by a temporary Special Items kiosk near Eva Levante; this kiosk was in turn replaced by the collection kiosks added by update 2.0.0.[4] On October 13, 2015, Tess returned to the Tower with a new appearance and storefront to sell Eververse Trading Company cosmetic items.[5]

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