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Vorthax, The Mercied
Biographical information

Other name(s):

The Rouge Splicer
The Unbroken
Second to Mithrax


Eliksni homeworld





Political and military information


House of Winter (formerly)
Devil Splicers (temporarily)
House of Dusk (formerly)
House of Light (currently)


Baron (formerly)
Archon (presumably)


Vandal (formerly)
Captain (currently)

Notable info:

Highest ranking known survivor of the House of Winter. Possible Archon of the House of Light


"We thought we fought for a noble cause, then guardians showed us otherwise."
— Vorthax

Vorthax, The Mercied is a former Baron of the House of Winter. However, after befriending Mithrax, the Forsaken, he became his second-in-command for the House of Light.



Vorthax and Draksis, Winter Kell had long been friends before the Whirlwind occurred. When Draksis rose to power as the Kell of the House of Winter he quickly promoted Vorthax to the rank of Baron.

Twilight Gap[edit]

Following the Fallens entry into the Sol system Craask, Kell of the House of Kings called for a combined assault on the Last City. Despite at first having second thoughts about the plan Vorthax decided to listen to his Kell and go along with the attack. However following the battle Vorthax's worries grew as Draksis started ordering attacks on Vanguard convoys.

Pre-Destiny 1[edit]

Prior to the resurrection of The Guardian Vorthax confronted Draksis on his radically aggressive orders including moving the house to Venus. Draksis did not take kindly to his friend questioning his authority a second time. As punishment he lowered Vorthax's Ether supply, thus lowering him to a Vandal. Interestingly though, Draksis kept Vorthax's rank as a Baron. However Draksis did make sure Vorthax knew that their friendship was the only reason he was not docked and turned into a Dreg.

Destiny 1 Campaign[edit]

When the Guardian arrived on Venus Grayliks, Winter Baron and Vorthax started recruiting other Fallen who shared his thoughts on Draksis. When the Guardian was tasked with killing Draksis, the Kell ordered his forces to intercept the Guardian, however Vorthax and those that were aligned with him stayed back in the lower portions of Wintership Simiks-Fel. But, Vorthax was the first to discover Draksis remains, and he said his last goodbyes to his former friend, while he and his follower took supply's and a skiff and left the House.

House of Wolves[edit]

After hearing of Skolas taking in the remnants of the House of Winter, some of Vorthax's crew started wondering, if he would be the new leader they could unite under. But Vorthax new better, he knew that Skolas was a mad tyrant and that his reign as the "Kell of Kells" would not last long. Not long after Vorthax's belief was confirmed when Skolas was captured and then killed in the Prison of Elders.

SIVA Crisis[edit]