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The Dread
Talons of the Watcher






Rapid Stealth Skirmisher

Combat information


ArcS.png Impetus Bolt
ArcS.png Shroud Swordstave


Rapid Movement
ArcS.png Amplification
KineticS.png Spurred Kick
Temporary Invisibility
Deflection Twirl
ArcS.png Momentum Piercer


Shrouds are lanky Dread units created by Skira from the blueprint of a prior Disciple. Although not as strong as its compatriots, this unit's strength lies in its uncanny speed and stealth abilities, which cements its role as an "assassin" unit.


Shrouds are tall, thin, humanoid entities standing just taller than a Fallen Captain, their thin digitigrade legs giving them a height advantage, despite their slight, hunch-back stance. Much like their peers, the Shroud dons pale-blue, white and black Pyramidal garb similar to other Dread units. Most unique about these entities is their wing-shaped, pattern-marked, pyramidal cloak covering their head and shrouding their back. Their heads are long, seemingly muzzled, bearing five orange eyes above the "snout", three of which creating a triangle in the center of their head and the other two set beside them. Their hands bear six wiry, clawed fingers and feet, each only bearing one thumb and a spur on their leg.

Although similar in many ways to either Subjugators or Adjudicators, these lanky humanoids match the description and capabilities of Evaz'zhra, a young, brash Disciple of the Witness presumably killed or wounded by the Traveler when the Disciples marched on Riis.


Shrouds are mainly concerned with maintaining a medium distance from enemies, both balancing ranged attacks with potential opportunities to close in for a melee. They are equipped with a twin-bladed ArcS.png Swordstave they can use to combine multiple devastating cleaves and slashes in quick succession. For melee-oriented adversaries, however, the Shroud may also unleash a KineticS.png Spurred Kick that can temporarily bleed and knock a target back. However, despite their versatile melee capabilities, the Shroud is also capable of warping their weapon as well. Pulling back on the swordstave with resonant energy and channeling arc through the grip, the Shroud turns their Swordstave into a longbow, capable of firing mid-damage bolts of ArcS.png energy fairly quickly. Additionally, the Shroud may also channel more energy into the weapon, glowing brighter and drawing the weapon back further than usual, the Shroud may also unleash a powerful ArcS.png Momentum Piercer bolt capable of remarkable damage, knockback and piercing capabilities against even paracausal barriers (at the cost of weakened damage).

Serving as a stealth unit, the Shroud will conceal itself with shimmering resonance to crudely vanish from the naked eye (their silhouette and glowing attacks will still be visible); sustained damage to a cloaked Shroud will deactivate its camouflage. Shrouds are also capable of remarkable agility, dodging and weaving any incoming attack at any opportunity. Additionally, with a flourish of a crackling Swordstave, the Shroud can also amplify itself, granting it more agility than usual and granting slight Jolt properties to its ranged attacks. When faced with an inevitable attack, however, the Shroud will twirl their Swordstave in front of them while facing the direction of the incoming attack, noticeably reducing the incoming damage.

Notable Shrouds[edit]