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ArcS.png Adjudicator Halberd


Rapid Movement
Control Ability Resistance
Adjudicator Shield
VoidS.png Retaliation Blast
VoidS.png Concussive Blast
ArcS.png Blinding Judgement
Burdening Clangor
StrandS.png Severing Toll
Absorbing Wings
ArcS.png Executioner's Slam
ArcS.png Goring Charge
ArcS.png Reeling Kick
StasisS.png Pacifying Glare
ArcS.png Harrowing Verdict


"Perfect vessels. Agents of unrelenting, unprejudiced justice. My instruments. My tools. My rage. All will face judgement before the Final Shape. All shall pay their due of blood."
— Voice of Tribunal

Adjudicators are imposing, horned humanoid entities created by Shadow Legion disciples of the Plutonian Pyramid and is used judiciously by the voice commanding the crashed ship. Seemingly created in the image of the mysterious apostle, they command an incredible array of Arc powers and utilize an esoteric artifact bell to relentlessly and ruthlessly run down their adversaries.


Similar to all the foot soldiers of The Witness' forces, Adjudicators appear to be more creation than natural beast. Adjudicators are burly, humanoid entities just a head shorter than their Tormentor cousins, mostly given by their powerful, long, digitigrade legs, pair of gnarly horns and, more seemingly, for-show "wings". Their bodies appear to be covered in similar garb and gear as other entities loyal to the Witness' cause, bearing red "skin", glassy limbs, spindly fingers and clawed feet and draped in constantly waving dark fabric. Much like the Immolator, however, they also appear to be covered more in jagged, pale gray armor, which also gives them a great deal of protection from most attacks.

Apart from the unique chevron and twin dotted faceplate and horns, most notable of the creature is the vestigial wings on its back. While not big enough to provide flight to the unit, it does have an impressive sheet of shining feathers on each of them, providing cover for most of its body. The bismuth-like wings have the curious ability to absorb most paracausal attacks, providing the creature safety from attacks that would otherwise immobilize it such as Freeze and Suspend.

Much like the Tormentors and Psions, Adjudicators can channel psionic energy and use it in combat, usually to blast away more bold opponents. However, most strange, they can enhance their powers with strange, cylindrical and etched bells that hang from their left hip. Bearing similar iconography from other Black Fleet architecture and glowing with resonant energy, the Adjudicator can channel their psionic energy into the device to unleash debilitating powers on their opponents to render them more susceptible to their devastating attacks.


Upon first facing their opponents, the Adjudicator should start out with their halberd held at the high point of the pole in their right hand and their left hand hanging loosely over their bell. Players should note a lack of truly punishing ranged attacks apart from their VoidS.png Concussive Blast attack mainly used to keep their more melee-focused opponents back and realize that Adjudicators are punishing melee-focused units. Fast, unpredictable and unrelenting, these units use speed and psionic abilities to throw off their opponents as they close in to deliver devastating swings from their Halberds, which they will either thrust forward into backpedaling opponents or a swing for those attempting to evade. In their first phase, the Adjudicator has these main attacks really going for it. When targeted, the Adjudicator will either attempt to immediately dash out of their sights or away from a punishing attack in a haze of resonant energy or create a violet shield to protect them which, after taking enough damage, will allow the adjudicator to unleash a bolt back at their opponent; the more damage poured into the shield, the more devastating the VoidS.png Retaliation Blast is, thus making it fatal if enough damage was put into it.

In their first phase, Adjudicators are more obsessed with weakening their opponents, using their bells to channel their psionic powers against them, especially when they are in the presence of allies. When using the bell, the Adjudicator will do one of three things with it. Channeling cyan energy into it and thrusting it forward three times, the Adjudicator will unleash ArcS.png Blinding Judgement, blinding all enemies for a total of 3 seconds before slowly returning back to normal vision after another 7. Channeling indigo energy into it and swinging it up and down three times, all players will be afflicted with Burdening Clangor, removing the ability to jump for 10 seconds. Only if within range, the Adjudicator channel pale green energy into the bell and swing it sideways once to unleash Severing bolts into their opponents, dealing minor damage but making them susceptible to damage for a good period of time.

After enough damage is sustained to it's weak points on their wings or if the bell is dislodged from their hand during an attack, the Adjudicator will enter their second, berserk phase, where they will now dual hand their halberd, with the blade edge hanging more closer to the ground than the low end of the pole of the halberd. The Adjudicator will now be even more melee focused than it's previous phase and will now either menacingly and confidently stride towards their opponent or try and run them down. The Adjudicator will still use its two standard attacks but will also employ new methods of assault on their adversaries. Replacing some of its older abilities includes its wings and a powerful kick. As opposed to the Violet shield, the Adjudicator will use its now unfurled wings on its back to absorb more punishing attacks instead and even uses them to ignore Suspend and Freeze attacks. Instead of the concussive blast, the Adjudicator will unleash a powerful push kick to shove back a bold opponent.

Among its new attacks includes a Goring Charge attack indicated by it dragging one of its feet on the floor before lowering their head and barreling towards their opponent full sprint. Upon connection, the attack will deal significant damage and negate healing for a good period of time. Additionally, the Adjudicator can channel navy blue energy to unleash a bolt of freezing bolt that can freeze a more slippery opponent dead in their tracks. Most powerful and dangerous of their attacks is a nigh-fatal and brutal swing from their Halberd. Indicated by a bellow and a slight raising of the blade, the Adjudicator will then swiftly rush towards their target. The closer they get to their opponent, the higher the blade goes. Reaching their opponent, the Adjudicator will raise the polearm over their head before slamming it down into the ground, unleashing a massive blast of Arc energy. Evasive opponents aren't safe from this attack either as it will hold the attack until the target is within striking range. If an opponent is on higher ground, however, the Adjudicator will, instead, unleash a standard swing to strike them instead.

Similar to the Tormentor and the Immolator, the Adjudicator is also capable of a grab attack as well. In the second phase, the Adjudicator will point towards a Guardian and run them down, halberd back at their side in their right hand and the left splayed out in a wicked show of their talons. Upon grabbing the player by the neck, the Adjudicator will begin to choke them as they slowly tilt their head before slamming them into the ground face first, striking them with the butt-end of the halberd as they force them into the floor before reorienting the blade towards the axe-side and sweeping it from their leg and launching the player back with a devastating cleave.

Known Adjudicators[edit]