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Experimental Assault Frame
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Arc Flenser Blades
Solar Piercer Darts


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Crawl Sprint
Pounce Attack
Swap Arsenal
Block Shots


"We saw how slow it's companions were, so we thought it would never catch us. We were wrong."
— Grimoire Description

Liches are powerful Vex berserker units deployed as elite scouts and Guardian hunters by the Vex Collective Mind. They made their first debut in the War of Attrition expansion of Destiny.


Following the destruction of many of their Axis Minds at the hands of the Guardians and the recent breach of the Vault of Glass by the House of Wolves, the Vex Collective Mind would begin creation of a new Vex Frame designed to hunt down and eliminate any threat to their plans without over-extending their reach. So, the Collective would finally create the first few Lich frames and send them across the timestream, finding their way into each of the Vex collectives.

Not as great builders as their peers, these units were designed to be frontline siege engines meant to eliminate or dissuade anything opposing the Vex's expansion or plans. Much like their compatriots, they are intricately tied to the collective, where they easily coordinate and plan attacks with the other Vex assault frames in the area. Unlike their companions (except for Wyverns in the future), these units bear digitigrade legs ending with razor sharp claws. Their arms are rather bulky, both ending with massive, heavily armored and temporally enhanced shields, ending with a retractible Arc Blade. Their heads are rather intricate and grotesque compared to other Vex units, with a skull like appearance, three eyes horizontally placed with the center one being the largest, and multiple sets of antlers both going sideways and backwards.


Despite being the size of Minotaurs, these units bear terrifying agility, capable of sprinting even faster than a Guardian. They utilize this agility to rapidly close in on any entrenched enemy to drive them out into the open and dash them into pieces with their blades. The Lich is capable of swinging it's blades in many different ways, such as a normal slash, a backhanded one, a slash from both blades or even a blow from above with these blades. It is also capable of doing a pounce attack, where it hurls itself towards an enemy, ready to land blades-first into an opponent, dealing a copious amount of damage to the target. If the target is frustratingly out of range, the unit will also teleport or even swap to it's rapidly-firing Piercer Dart cannon, which launches an accurate barrage of Solar bolts at a target, dealing moderate damage, but deals slightly more than the bog-standard Slap Rifle. If any harm is coming towards it, the Lich can also utilize it's wrist-mounted shield gauntlets to deflect any small-arms being fired at it. Also unlike it's compatriots, it's head cannot be blown off, only dislodgeable in death or after being critically killed.

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