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Bone Crushers
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Reinforce the Cabal on Mars
Experiment with Vex Tech


Primus Vol'rahk
Valus Krae'elth
Val Sha'uarn
Amrotc, the Freeborn


Firebase Vulcan
Typhon Vae XI
Imperatrix Ortus II
Iron Line
The Iron Catacombs


Meridian Bay, Mars
Firebase Vulcan, Deimos
Ishtar Sink, Venus


"There were only rumors of an elite Cabal army waiting in the shadows of Sol. Plotting. Watching. Preparing. We only hoped they were just that, rumors. They weren't."

The Bone Crushers are an elite reserve force comprised of highly trained and skilled shock troopers pulled from the ranks of other scout legions on Mars, as well as seasoned xenoengineers who've gained infamy from reverse engineering hostile weaponry. They would serve as the main antagonists of the War of Attrition expansion of Destiny.


Their ranks are pulled from the most seasoned and skilled soldiers from Mars, their weapons state-of-the-art, their armor pristine and the halls of their strongholds and warships well organized. Their ranks of Psions have also been observed to have a greater sense of freedom compared to their fellow Legions, some even have been seen leading entire files of Legionaries, though the reason for this has yet been seen. Besides their proficiency in combat, they have also become infamous for their acute fascination in Vex technology, despite the fierce opposition they face in return. Their ranks are identified by their mustard yellow armor and purple trimming and iconography, as well as tactical formations and troopers unique to the faction.


Dark Age[edit]

War of Attrition[edit]

Taken War[edit]

Red War[edit]



Other Commanders[edit]

Unique Forces[edit]

  • Psion
  • Legionary
    • Ranger Legionary
    • Imperial Legionary
  • Phalanx
    • Formation Phalanx
    • Imperial Phalanx
  • Centurion
    • Formation Centurion
    • Imperial Centurion
    • Ironclad Centurion
  • Colossus
    • Imperial Colossus
    • Temporal Colossus


List of Appearances[edit]