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This article is about the incarnation of Kovik in the Twisted Fate AU. For the canonical Kovik, see Kovik, Splicer Priest.
Kovik (Twisted Fate)
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Biographical information

Other name(s):

Splicer Priest
The Mad Priest
The Wretched Archon
The Hivetamer





Political and military information


House of Devils
Devil Splicers
Splicer Swarm (commander)


Baron (formerly)
High Priest (currently)

Notable info:

High Priest of the Devil Splicers
Creator and controller of the Splicer Swarm Hive sect


"They call me a madman, freak, evil they call me. EVIL. But no no no. I am the one who shall pave the way to the Eliksni's evolution, I am. If we are to survive, we will become MORE and there is nothing that YOU can do to stop me. No, you will not stop me you are powerless. And now, you will watch as we ascend, they ALL will, as they become nothing but DUST."
— Kovik

Kovik is a major antagonist of the Rise of Iron questline of Destiny: Twisted Fate. Once an aspiring Archon of the House of Devils, Kovik would then serve as the High Priest of the Devil Splicers as well as one of its founding members alongside his colleagues Vosik and Aksis. Through his twisted experiments with SIVA, the Splicers continue to grow in power, and he has even began experimenting on Hive specimens to create the Splicer Swarm, a slave army of SIVA-augmented Hive of which he has total control over.


Life in the House of Devils[edit]

"I remember Kovik. He was one of our best minds in House Devils. A genius when it came to tech and body augmentation. Problem was, everyone was afraid of him. He was mad, and they all saw it. What caused his depravity I don't know, but I'll remember it. I'll remember how it even scared me."
Phylaks, the Archfiend about Kovik.

Kovik was once a Baron of the House of Devils and a member of its Splicer sect, where he often experimented with technologies and cybernetics to improve the House, working closely with two others known as Aksis and Vosik. When Vosik was wounded during the Final Attempt it was Kovik who replaced his severed arms with a single large cannon arm. The rest of the Devils often feared Kovik for the unstable tendencies he had, but he hardly cared as long as he could work.

At some later point in time, Kovik was one of the many who aspired become the next Archon of the Devils following the power struggle left behind by Riksis's demise, alongside his two colleagues, however they would face opposition in the form of Kridis who had a greater following.

As time went on the House of Devils would only grow more desperate following the Hope-Eater Crisis, and the three searched wherever they could for anything at all that may turn their situation around. What they found was Rasputin, and it was Aksis who suggested using his technology to aid the Fallen. Kovik worked with Vosik to aid Aksis in the construction of the S.A.B.E.R.-2 to hack the Warmind's systems and gain control. Thanks to the quick response time of the Guardians however this attempt would inevitably fail with the Devourer Shank's destruction. Despite this, the three managed to obtain scraps of useful information while the SABER was still breaching Rasputin's systems: a bit about a Golden Age technology known as SIVA, and a set of coordinates leading to the Dust Palace on Mars.

Rise of the Devil Splicers[edit]

Wasting no further time the three followed the trail that had been left for them, taking a crew of Fallen to Mars and breaking into the Clovis Bray facility, salvaging every scrap of data they could in spite of the heavy Cabal resistance. Vosik and his forces managed to hold them back long enough for Aksis and Kovik to obtain enough useful information about the SIVA nanotechnology before they were forced to retreat. Undeterred, the three set out to the Plaguelands, where they would find not only SIVA itself, but also Site 6, the replication chamber used to produce it. Excited at this new discovery, Kovik immediately suggested using this Golden Age technology to benefit the Devils, but Aksis thought different. With SIVA, he realized that the Fallen could augment their own bodies and rid themselves of the imperfections of flesh. With SIVA, the Fallen could ascend into gods.

And so, the three began the task of giving rise to the Devil Splicers, spreading SIVA amongst their kin to transform them into the half-machine demigods they sought to become. It was Kovik's twisted science and experimentation in particular which fueled the Eliksni's evolution and allowed them to reach newer, horrifying developments. But while Aksis moved to rally more supporters and Vosik set himself on building the sect's defenses, Kovik only delved deeper into his experiments for the benefit of the Devils, as well as to satisfy his own curiosity and ambition. He had also turned his attention to the three bodies that were found within Site 6, reanimating them into the first of the Revenants.

Conflict with the Hive[edit]

"Adaptable. Abominable. Ferocious. As SIVA grows and changes, so does the Hive. They are the perfect candidates for my latest experiment, yes yes."
— Kovik

As the Splicers continued to amass strength and power, so did Kovik's ambitions grow. Taking notice of a brood of Hive that had set up shop within the Plaguelands some time before their arrival, he began to grow interested in the Hive's biology and thought about how it might be paired with SIVA. Thus, he ordered his men to capture and gather as many Hive as they could, causing an all-out war to break out between the Fallen and Hive within the Cosmodrome. Setting up his new headquarters within an old missile silo, he performed brutal and heinous experiments on the captive Hive, integrating their body parts with SIVA. Eventually, he had gathered enough to form his own personal slave army, known as the Splicer Swarm.

As the war between the broods of Hive and the Splicers continued, both the Revenants and Splicer Swarm were deployed against them, allowing Kovik to add even more Hive to the ranks of his slave army. As Vosik saw this, he reflected on how deranged his colleague was, but at the same time acknowledged how his sciences allowed the Splicers to advance, and thought that perhaps they could even challenge the Last City should they threaten them.

At one point in time, a Fireteam of Guardians was sent to investigate the reports of increased Fallen and Hive activity within and around the Cosmodrome. It is unknown what became of them, but the evidence left behind suggests that the Splicer Swarm was deployed, most likely killing them in the process.

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