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Gauntlet of the Elders





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Prison of Elders


Clear the prison of its most wanted denizens.

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Gauntlet of the Elders is a level 42 game mode of the Prison of Elders Arena that takes players through a boss gauntlet of all the PoE bosses that have appeared in Destiny.

Active Modifiers[edit]

  • Epic: Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers.
  • Berserk: Minions of the Darkness won't flinch, even after massive damage.
  • Chaff: Player radar is disabled.
  • Exposure: Guardian shields are increased but do not replenish.
  • Fresh Troops: Some enemy squads have been fortified with additional reinforcements.
  • Grounded: Players take more damage while airborne.
  • Ironclad: More enemies have shields.
  • Juggler: No ammo drops for your equipped weapon.
  • Lightswitch: Minions of the Darkness deal much more melee damage.
  • Match Game: Enemy shields are resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.
  • Trickle: Recharge of abilities is significantly reduced.


Whenever a boss reaches a certain health threshold, it will become enveloped in an immunity shield that can only be removed when a critical objective is completed. After completing said objective, the shield can The thresholds and their respective objectives are as follows:

  • At 75% health, the players will need to defuse splinter mines by standing in their capture zone within thirty seconds.
  • At 50% health, the players will need to destroy the mines.
  • At 25% health, the players will need to eliminate a target before they escape. This target will have the durability of a Public Event boss.


  • Round 1: Pilot Servitor
    • It retains the ability to teleport large distances and periodically summon Shock Grenades.
    • Its Void blasts leave behind energy domes that inflict the "Encumbered" debuff, which greatly slows movement and cancels jumping.
  • Round 2: Wretched Knight
    • They retain the ability to summon Defensive Wards.
    • The Arc blasts from their Boomer leaves behind fields that blind opponents caught in them.
  • Round 3: Overmind Minotaur
    • It retains the ability to put its foes in detainment fields.
    • Its Torch Hammer blasts fire faster and deal more area-of-effect damage depending on how much health it has left.
  • Round 4: Val Aru'un
  • Round 5: Kaliks Reborn
    • Archon Servants will periodically spawn throughout the fight. When this happens, Kaliks gains an immunity shield. It will go away when either all the servants are killed or it gorges on their Ether, restoring a portion of its health.
    • Kaliks also gains the ability to teleport the player around at random intervals.
  • Round 6: Gulrot, Unclean
    • Every so often, Gulrot will cover the floor in toxic bile, inflicting the "Encumbered" and "Poisoned" debuffs simultaneously for 10 seconds. They will gain an immunity shield as long as this ability is active.
    • Its eye blasts inflict more damage the longer they remain on a target.
  • Round 7: Urrox, Flame Prince
    • Urrox retains his "Searing Flames" ability, which inflicts the "Burning" and "Sundered" debuffs simultaneously for 10 seconds. He will gain an immunity shield as long as this ability is active.
    • His Boomer blasts deal Solar damage instead of Arc, fire significantly faster, and leave behind Sunspots upon detonation.
  • Round 8: Qodron, Gate Lord
    • Qodron retains its detainment ability. However, Qodron's Eye no longer spawns.
    • It gains the ability to periodically surround itself in an immunity shield and summon Oracles that deal damage over time to the player until they are destroyed; destroying the Oracles also gets rid of the immunity shield.
    • Its Torch Hammer fires Cyclops blasts, greatly increasing their area-of-effect damage.
  • Round 9: Valus Trau'ug
    • He retains his elemental shield rotation ability. However, the element of the shield determines the damage type deals with his Projection Rifle and grants him the ability to inflict debuffs: blindness for Arc, burning for Solar, and "Encumbered" for Void.
    • He gains the ability to fire Missile Swarms from pods on the back of his armor; the damage type and status effects of these missiles are also determined by his current shield type.
  • Round 10: Keksis, the Betrayed
    • He retains the ability to summon Corrupted Light bombs that suppress the player's abilities if left to detonate. However, the bombs will also fill the air with a Taken mist that inflicts the "Shadow Touched" debuff on those who aren't standing in a bomb. He will also gain an immunity shield when he summons them.
    • His Shrapnel Launcher blasts can inflict the "Shocking" debuff and his Darkness Bolts gains tracking properties.
  • Round 11: Sylok, the Defiled
    • He retains his enhanced burn projectiles that take up more space and last longer. However, he will gain a Solar shield whenever he uses this ability.
    • His Void Boomer blasts suppress the player's abilities for a short time upon detonation.
  • Round 12: Seditious Mind
    • It retains the ability to summon blight bombs, although they take up more space and deal more damage than before. It will also be enveloped in an immunity shield when using this ability.
    • It gains the Hydra's rotational barrier and its Aeon Maul blasts drain a portion of the player's ability recharge depending on how much damage the player is dealt.
  • Round 13: Noru'usk, Servant of Oryx
    • He gains a Void shield whenever he fires an Axion Dart.
    • His Axion Darts are significantly more durable than normal and inflict a potent "Poisoned" debuff on its target; any poison damage dealt to the player will restore a portion of Noru'usk's health.
    • He gains the ability to periodically summon an Ultra Blight that inflicts the "Shadow Touched" and the "Grasp of the King" debuffs simultaneously. Noru'usk will gain an immunity shield when this ability is active. Players will need to destroy the blight as quickly as possible.
  • Round 14: Skolas, Kell of Kells
    • He retains his Kaliks Minor Servitor bonds. However, he will now be fully immune to damage until all the Servitors are killed.
    • He retains his Devouring Essence ability. However, players who have the essence are also inflicted with the "Encumbered" debuff and players who are immune to it draw more aggro from Skolas and other Fallen.
    • His Scorch Cannon rockets have aggressive tracking properties and leave behind large Solar plumes upon detonation which inflict a heavy "Burning" debuff on anything caught in its radius.
    • His teleportation ability has vastly increased range and his Ultra Smash melee deals more damage.
    • As he loses health, he resists incoming damage up to 90%.