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Fanfic Disciples


Resonant-shaped Followers


Follow the teachings of the Witness
Command the Witness's armies
Bringing about the Final Shape


The Witness


Black Fleet
The Dread

At war with:

The Coalition
Lucent Brood

Allied with:

Shadow Legion
Apostles of the Voice


"Not kings. Not gods. Disciples. Prophets. Saviors serving existence. An undying purpose. A privilege."
Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness

The Disciples of the Witness are a powerful group of entities that follow the teachings of the Witness and command its forces of the Black Fleet. Little is known about these beings, only that they are originally from a variety of species and backgrounds reshaped into powerful paracausal wielders of the Darkness, are completely devoted to their leader's beliefs and its goal of bringing about the Final Shape. However, each Disciple seems to have their own interpretation of the Final Shape and are permitted to act accordingly by the Witness. An unnamed Disciple once privately wondered about this apparent contradiction with the Witness' philosophy that seemed to shun unnecessary proliferation and diversity before concluding that the Witness' plans would realize all of the Disciples' seemingly disparate visions of the Final Shape.

Known Disciples[edit]

Canon Disciples[edit]

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Fanfic Disciples[edit]

Potential Disciples[edit]

Canon Potential Disciples[edit]

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Fanfic Potential Disciples[edit]