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Dominus Bolk, the Supreme
Biographical information

Other name(s):

Bolk, the Exsanguinator
Hemorrhagic Dominus




Blood Guards




Exsanguinator Colossus



Combat information




Cabal Blood Shield
Cabal Phaser Cannon
Cabal Cluster Missiles
Melting Point Missiles
Cabal Bronto Bombard
Cabal Inverter Drill


HUD Distortion
Weapon Sundered
Suppression Debuff
Blindness Effect
Slowness Effect
Shocking Effect
Burning Effect
Armor Sundered
Poisoned Effect
Health Sundered
Suspended Debuff
Ceasefire Effect
Drill Earthquake
Blood Barricade
Barricade Buffs
Bloodborne Order
EMP Bombardment
Shield Disruption
Pyre Bombardment
Pyrotechnic Shock
Dark Bombardment
Soul Prickling
Immunity Shield
Bloodborne Aura
Spherical Barricade
Scorpius Support
Volcanic Support
Interceptor Support
Thresher Support
Call Ripper Pods
Goliath Support
Light Termination
Berserker Rage
Rapid Movement
High Durability
Summon Cabal


"Emperor Calus believed he drew us out of his domain. He did not. Mark my words: Loyalist and Guardian blood will be drawn on this day."
— Bolk threatening the Loyalists and Guardians during a Blood Guard rally

Dominus Bolk, the Supreme is the military general of the Blood Guards and the commander of Firebase Bloodshot, a remote underground section of The Leviathan established during the initial invasion by the Red Legion. He is the boss of the Bloodshot Arena mission.


Main Weapons and Abilities[edit]

Bolk's primary weapon of choice is a one-handed Cabal Phaser Cannon that fires a charged Void beam which disrupts the player's HUD, decreases their weapon's damage, and suppresses their abilities upon contact. He pairs this with a Cabal Blood Shield, which blocks damage from the front; it can also extend to form a barricade that will increase the damage resistance and health regeneration speed of nearby Blood Guards. On Bolk's back is a munitions device which can launch several types of ordnance: Cabal Cluster Missiles that will blind, slow, and shock their targets; Melting Point Missiles that will burn and sunder the armor of the player; and Cabal Bronto Bombs that will poison and sunder the health of their victims. When faced at closer ranges, he employs a Cabal Inverter Drill that deals rapid damage over time in a large area of effect; this action will also release homing earthquakes that suspend their targets in midair for a short time and inflict them with a debuff which decreases their weapon's fire rate. Bolk will also be constantly giving orders to nearby Blood Guards, granting them faster movement speed and smarter pathing. Throughout the battle, he will deploy multiple varieties of bombardment from the sky: EMP Bombardment will send a barrage of Arc bombs that will disrupt the player's shield by decreasing its durability and disabling its recovery for a short time; Pyre Bombardment will send a barrage of Solar bombs that inflict Pyrotechnic Shock on its targets, where they will take burning damage and be greatly disoriented; Dark Bombardment will send a barrage of Void bombs that leave a soul-prickling energy field behind, slowly draining the victim's health and ability energy.

Psionic Shielding[edit]

When his health reaches 75%, Bolk will summon a Blood Guard Flayer, which is an Exsanguinator Psion that is protected by all three elemental shields at once, has more aggressive teleportation patterns, and are capable of briefly freezing the player in place with its melee attacks. These Flayers have ascended thanks to Warmind technology and are capable of projecting an immunity shield onto Bolk because of Taken energy harvested from The Dark Forest. When shielded, Bolk's weapons will fire moderately slower, but gain greatly increased damage, and is capable of casting an aura that increases the fire rate and attack damage of nearby Blood Guards. This phase ends when the Blood Guard Flayer is killed.

Hardened Reinforcements[edit]

When his health reaches 50%, Bolk will surround himself in a spherical barricade using his shield and call for extra reinforcements, consisting of Blood Scorpii, Blood Volcanic Scorpii, Blood Interceptors, and Blood Threshers, lined up in that order. The lines of defense are separated by the types of reinforcement, and the next line can only be accessed when the previous line has been destroyed. Occasionally, Bolk will summon Ripper Pods which drop in with additional enemies. Blood Guards arriving in these pods have the ability to repair the reinforcements to restore their health; killing these enemies will prevent reinforcements from receiving repairs. This phase ends when the reinforcements are all destroyed.

Heavy Artillery[edit]

When his health reaches 25%, Bolk will retreat to the upper platform and summon a Blood Goliath Tank that will attack all players in sight. Occasionally, one player at random will be briefly inflicted with the Bloodmark debuff by the tank's targeting system; the tank's weapons will track the marked player and deal more damage to them. Occasionally, Ripper Pods will drop in with additional enemies that will attempt to repair the tank; if the repair Blood Guards are ignored, they can restore up to 50% of the Goliath's health in damage. From above, Bolk's bombardments and munitions device will attack at a significantly faster rate, and will also deal additional damage to players who have been marked by the tank. This phase ends when the Goliath is destroyed.

Berserker Rage[edit]

After the Goliath is destroyed, Bolk re-enters the fray and begins to attack in a more aggressive manner. He casts a Light Termination debuff on all players that rapidly drains their ability energy and suppresses their abilities. He detaches his munitions device and drops his shield, but his Phaser Cannon gains drastically increased fire rate and is also able to inflict stacking burning effects. His Inverter Drill deals much greater damage and its quakes have greatly increased tracking ability. However, this leaves Bolk permanently vulnerable, and as such can be killed on the spot.