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{First time doing this, so it might rocky, but I will probably fix the wording, later on.}

Simiks Prime, the Prime Servitor of the Fallen House of Winter, who was presumed to be lost to the House...presumably around in the aftermath of the Twilight Gap. Who's last known creation before it's unknown fate, was Simiks-3. But after death of Draksis, the Kell of Winter. What if, the Winter were trying to rebuild Simiks, or create a new Prime, to restore their leadership. The reason I have claim this, was the event of stealing the cell of Aksor, Archon Priest. Why on Earth would the House of Winter would go to the Prison of Elders, and specifically steal an Archon Priest, instead of stealing a Fallen nobility, like Skolas, (I'm going to presume that The Reef gave away Skolas to The Nine, after Winter stole the Wolf Archon), or Beltrik, or Drevis. But they specifically took Aksor. In fact, after the death of Aksor, the capturing of Skolas. Winter broke into the Prison of Elders, to steal another Archon Priest...before the Taken corrupted the Prisoner. So, why would the Winter be attempting to waste their resources and lives, to steal, not just a normal Prisoner, but a Archon Priest. Now it can be presume that they stole Aksor to retore their leadership, but something doesn't sit right. I mean sure, a Archon could lead a House, such as Riksis, Devil Archon, the Archon of the House of Devils, and Aksis, Archon Prime. But Winter specifically tried to steal a Archon Priest, twice, instead of them, trying to find a new Kell, or have their Barons and Captains, to restore their leadership. So what if they did that, so that Aksor or Nixis can rebuild Simiks.

It's possible, because Archon Priests usually protects their Prime Servitors, and care for it, as well as possibly bringing the Prime back alive, as a Prime example would be Orbiks Prime and Keldar. When Keldar brought the House of Wolves to Mars, he was able to rebuild Orbiks Prime, presumably because he probably use it's remains to rebuild it, or probably knew what special parts, were needed to rebuild Orbiks, because lets note that, when Sepiks Prime was destroyed, the Devils were unable to rebuild Sepiks, (probably because we blew it to smithereens, however it's chassis was fully intact when we return to The Devils' Lair in Cayde's Stash, so...), but when the Devil Splicers found SIVA, they were able to resurrect it, probably for power. But why couldn't Houses rebuild their Prime, if it was destroy it, possible answer, is because their Archon Priests, as if we need to destroy a Prime, we need to kill their Archons, example is Sepiks and Orbiks, as in order to progress to their respective missions, we needed to kill their Archons, Riksis and Keldar. And to possibly to make sure the Primes won't come back, we need to kill their Archons, as they are able to possibly rebuild their Prime, now there are chances for the Houses to either rebuild their Prime, (but it may not be it's true self, example would be Kaliks Reborn), or make a new Prime, (example would be Kaliks Prime) But I might be off track of this theory, so let me come back to Winter and the Archon Priests. Winter is probably using Archons to restore their Prime, but there is one problem, why doesn't Winter have a Archon, (or their Rising Archons), to rebuild Simiks. Well the possible reason is that, Winter doesn't have their own Archon, it is unknown why, and is possibly one of the reasons why, Simiks is no where to be found, now what about Winter Rising Archons, they possibly do have, but Winter are probably are not relying on them to rebuild Simiks, because they are unfit to carry out that operation, and are relying on other Archons, from different Houses, to do this, this is why they hired Taniks to break into the Prison, to steal an Archon, so they can rebuild Simiks. stickJoskaa, Lion Kell What's the problem? All in a day's work...well for me, (heh heh) 19:50, July 15, 2020 (EDT)