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Nomination rules This page is used to nominate quotes to be featured on the Main Page.

  • Copy/Use the following format:
===Character name===
'''Date''': Place date of nomination here.
{{Quote|Insert quote here}}
  • Vote with either {{Support}} or {{Oppose}} with a short comment for why or why not.
  • In order for a quote to be featured, it must have a minimum of three supports.

The Ghost

Date: 12:20PM 3-20-19 (C0mmanderTh0rn Talk)

"Rar! I am a big scary monster!' Not when the Ghost and his Guardian are around! 'Oh no! You have defeated me! Ach!"

Asher Mir

Date: 4-2/19 - Leoasken72 Talk

"What? There's no "pit" in the Pyramidion!"