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Featured quote is a feature that is displayed on the Main Page. Every successful entry is added to a randomization process. For the nomination and voting, see the request page.

How to nominate a quote[edit]

  1. Quote: Add the quoted person's name, as well ensuring that it is hyperlinked, on the the request page.
  2. Add: === '''Quoter's Name Here''' === at the bottom of the "Nominated Quotes" section
  3. Vote: Follow this format: #{{Support}}/{{Neutral}}/{{Oppose}} - Reason Here ~~~~ and add it underneath the nomination.

After a quote has been nominated, the community will vote on the nominations. Once a sufficient amount of votes have been reached without any substantial opposition, the nominated quote will be added to the Featured Quote list.

Random quote of the day![edit]

Did you come here for secrets, or stories?
Variks, the Loyal