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"I've always thought you were a sneak. But after five drinks on your dime, I'm feeling pretty fond of you, Drifter."
— Cenric, shortly before being killed by the Drifter

Cenric was a Risen warrior during the Dark Age. He had a bulging vein in his forehead and thick neck.


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An associate of the Drifter, Cenric and several of his fellow criminal Risen, including Jaak, Otto, Ayrin, and Thalia, ignored the Drifter's warnings to stop associating with Warlord Rience. While drinking with the Drifter at a bar, Cenric was surprised when the Drifter bought them all five rounds of drinks and commented that while he normally disliked the Drifter he was starting to become fond of him. As they all laughed, the Drifter noted that Cenric was a pretty sweet talker and asked if he spoke to Lord Rience like that. Cenric and the others stopped laughing and he became visibly nervous as Jaak lied about them cutting Rience out of their jobs. However, the Drifter revealed he had seen them all speaking with Rience within the Warlord's territory and Cenric demanded that he say whatever he was thinking plainly. The Drifter declared them all rats and Cenric quickly stood up to confront the other Lightbearer but was not quick enough as the Drifter drew his Auto Rifle and prepared to kill his treacherous comrades.[1]

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