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Thalia was a Lightbearer in the Dark Age who worked in a crew with The Drifter, Otto, and Ayrin. She disliked using guns and preferred to kill her enemies face-to-face with a knife.


Thalia and her crew decided to rob a Warlord known as The Wake who horded the supplies she stole from her subjects in a stronghold.[1] As The Drifter and Otto infiltrated the base, Thalia snuck up on the lookout and allowed him to see her as she got close and stepped out of the shadows. As the man attempted to react, Thalia proved faster than him and began punching him while grinning silently, dodging his every attempted blow. Tiring of toying with him, Thalia thrust her hidden wrist knife into his throat. She cleaned the knife of blood on her other sleeve before signaling Ayrin to bring his heavy bomber in.[2] After it landed, Thalia jumped into the passenger seat while the Drifter and Otto loaded the supplies into the cargo hold and Otto gunned down the remaining defenders with her arc ball and gun. The crew then escaped once the last of the supplies were loaded.[3]

Thalia, Otto, and Ayrin later went behind the Drifter's back and worked with Warlord Rience, whom the Drifter disliked and had told them to break off their association with. They were joined by two other Lightbearers, Cenric and Jaak. As they all drank with the Drifter in a bar, the Drifter confronted them about their treachery and revealed he had seen them meeting with Rience within his valley territory. The group attempted to deny it, but the Drifter drew his weapon and declared there was only one thing to do with rats.[4]

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