Armor of the Emperor's Champion

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Armor of the Emperor's Champion


Armor of the Emperor's Champion





Defense rating:






Benedict 99-40


Armor of the Emperor's Champion is a Legendary Titan armor acquired in the prestige version Leviathan raid.

Helm of the Emperor's Champion[edit]


"Looking for a quiet place to watch the end of the world."
Emperor Calus

The light of this universe will soon dim. You cannot see it yet, but I assure you, there will be no denying it when it comes. There will be no safety, and no defense. The only question you should ask yourself is, "Where do I want to be at the end?"

From my vantage, I have cause to ask myself this question with some urgency. I will move soon, and I mean to choose the place from which I will watch all become darkness. I find it poetic and satisfying that you will be near.

Gauntlets of the Emperor's Champion[edit]


"I will be the last light to go out at the party."
— Emperor Calus

When you imagine the last moments of all life in this universe, what do you see? Is it struggle, war, and death? Are you fighting to the last breath? Are you suffering?

I am not. In those last moments, I am surrounded by joy, pleasure, and good company. I am the last thing that they see. They give to me the greatest gift—the last of the living acknowledge that I, above all other beings, was real.

Cuirass of the Emperor's Champion[edit]


"What will we be to each other in the next life?"
— Emperor Calus

I've known you through many lives now: gladiator, Primus, usurper. With each new incarnation, I think we learn a little more about each other. How many more lives before our relationship becomes complete?

But this life is my last, because there is no further that I can go. When next we meet, you will face one who has transcended even the gods. What will you be?

Greaves of the Emperor's Champion[edit]


"The chorus of regret must be deafening."
— Emperor Calus

What sad turns has your life taken since my exile? When you look upon the dour face of the Consul, do you feel the nauseous twinge of regret? Do you find solace in a meditative state—a lonely island in a sea of incessant blathering?

I wonder what portion of your life is spent pondering how else it might have been. All of those possibilities must pile up behind you like a chorus of furies, each whispering doubts in your ear. When next we meet, the volume of that chorus will become deafening, and you will finally understand the totality of your mistake.

Mark of the Emperor's Champion[edit]


"A gift for the Titan with Ghaul's strength."
— Emperor Calus

Did you know Ghaul once fought as a gladiator? He was so striking and different… yes, because of his strange color and markings, but also his movement. He weaved through his opponents, tying together the thread of a grand design only he could see.

There was no opponent too large or powerful for Ghaul; his determination was everything. I see that strength in you, my dear Titan.

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