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The exotic mission is level 1800, but will bump a lower leveled player to 1790 upon entering. Bosses will have more health depending on the amount of players in the activity. On top of that, there is a limited amount of revives available (2 per player) and a slain player must be revived within 30 seconds to prevent failure of the encounter.

After completing this mission for the first time, players will then be able to access this mission at any time from an icon on the EDZ map. This also allows the selection of Master mode, which increases the level to 1820 and adds the Shielded Foes modifier. Completing the mission at this difficulty unlocks one of Vexcalibur's catalysts, for a maximum of one per week.

Once a player obtains the Vexcalibur Glaive, they will be able to install several Mods in it that allow the player to pass through shields, break indestructible artefacts, and activate locked switches.


In order to start the mission for the first time, you need to collect 6 Vex cubes in The Gulch, European Dead Zone to reveal the passcode. Once this is done, a cave will open on the top right of the area, and the player can begin the mission by interacting with the Friendly Harpy within.

Radiolaria Corridors[edit]

Once inside, jump off the cliff in front of you into a chute. You will land in a small room with two doors that constantly open and close. Go through one of them, and jump onto a small platform on your right. From there, jump straight up, aiming towards the small green light at the top of the room. Once you get up to the green light, you will be prompted to activate the node. Do this, then drop down to the bottom and head to the ledge at the other end of the room. Go in either direction, and you will encounter two Vex Harpies. Go past them, and there will be a small slit in the wall at the halfway point. Once you enter here, follow the path and drop down the elevator to the first encounter.

Security Protocol[edit]

This encounter consists of clearing a series of gates by inserting the correct password. After killing the initial group of enemies, a Conflux will activate with three shapes around it, a pyramid, a cube and a prism. Around the arena, three of these will be piled (never the pyramid, which is indestructible). A player must destroy the shapes in the correct order to progress the unlock sequence. The first code requires 3 symbols, the second requires 4, and the third requires 5. All the while, hordes of Goblins will continue pouring in the arena, and Quantum Hobgoblins will be perched on floating platforms. Every time a code is correctly entered, Quantum Minotaurs will also appear, while entering the wrong shape will change the sequence. Once the first conflux is cleared, the barrier will drop and a second conflux will need to be deciphered within.

After both confluxes have been unlocked, the Network will send a massive horde led by an Ultra Wyvern called Digital Variant Tracker. Killing the Tracker will call forth another massive horde, this time led by a Digital Variant Neutralizer. Once the Neutralizer is slain, the encounter is complete.

Suspended Platforms[edit]

The player has to navigate precarious platforms with sparing Vex resistance. Once they make it through the Radiolaria corridors, disappearing steps and tight crawls, they will arrive to a Rally Banner circle. Using the nearby man cannon will launch one into the Corrupted Data Management, location of the next encounter.

Data Nullifier[edit]

Once you enter the arena, clear the first few enemies to begin the encounter. Wounded Goblins named Dataholder (Corrupt) will begin to transmat into the arena. These headless Vex will drop a purple mote of data on the ground upon being defeated. Mixed in with the Dataholders, Quantum Goblins with Torch Hammers, Quantum Hobgoblins and eventually Wyverns will appear. The objective of this encounter is to collect a specified amount of data from the Dataholders, then deposit it into the spire in the middle of the arena. After depositing the requested amount of data, a pit in the middle of the arena will open in order to save you from being killed by the wipe mechanic. This wipe mechanic will erase all life within the arena after the given timer expires. While hiding in the pit, be aware that enemies can still attack you from outside of it, especially the Wyverns. Stay alive by hugging the walls of the pit as cover, and after the timer runs out, the middle of the arena will be sealed off, leading to you being teleported back to the arena.

You will need to deposit 8 data motes the first time, then 10 data motes. After the second set of data is deposited, the Data Nullifier will appear in addition to a wave of Harpies and Quantum Harpies. This boss has two phases, split into two sections of its health. After you erase half of its health, you will need to gather a further 10 data motes, then 12 data motes, in order to progress to the 2nd damage phase. Kill the headless goblins, collect the data, deposit it and then the second damage phase will begin. Nothing mechanical about the encounter changes between the first and second damage phases.

Separated Constructions[edit]

After leaving the Corrupted Data Management, the player will have to make some long jumps and use man cannons to again navigate divided platforms. After a long leap of faith, they will reach the bottom of a cylindrical structure, where a portal will take them to an elevator that slowly lowers them through three familiar floor, ending up near a Rally Banner circle.

Brakion, Repurposed Mind[edit]

To begin the final fight against Brakion, proceed towards the portal in the back. Brakion will then transmat into the arena, armed with a Line Rifle and the ability to fire a volley of Void flames that stick to the ground. Waves of regular Vex enemies will spawn to assist Brakion. Defeat these and continue to damage Brakion, as it teleports to each corner of the triangular arena periodically. Once enough damage is dealt, Brakion will leave, and the portal near the initial spawn location will become active. Use this to reach the next arena.

Brakion will now be held inside a shielded perimeter. In order to continue your fight against Brakion, you need to kill an Encryption Daemon that will spawn along with further regular Vex forces. This will then spawn the same shapes encountered previously in the mission, in pits to the left and right of Brakion's raised platform. You will need to complete 3 of these combinations at the central spire in order to trigger the next damage phase. Once the shield drops, damage Brakion for a minute, at which point the shield will reactivate, and then continue to eliminate the Daemon that spawns, read the symbols, complete the sequences and deplete Brakion's health enough to cause them to teleport away again. Another portal behind their previous position will activate for you to use to reach the final arena.

In this final arena, cover is scant in the triangular arena, and Brakion will begin to march you down while supported by more regular Vex forces. After suffering enough damage, Brakion will lose its head, causing them to enrage. This means Brakion will begin to sprint after a target until point blank, stomping them, all the while firing regular attacks. Using the small blocks of cover to delay Brakion's chase is key to surviving in this section, as there is very little breathing room given.

Once Brakion's health is fully depleted, the Vexcalibur will spawn in front of the highest of the Radiolaria waterfalls. Interacting with this will finish the mission and provide you with your winnings.