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Xydrakon, the Collective Mind
Biographical information




Omega Collective


Axis Mind



Combat information


Twisted Realm


Cyclops Blast Cannon
Line Repeater Turrets
EMP Turbochargers


Initial Immunity
Self Elevation
Displacement Debuff
Inhibition Debuff
Erasure Debuff
Summon Vex
Expunged Debuff
Summon Oracles
Prophecy of Doom
Detainment Bubbles
Suppression Field
Open Timestream
Marked by the Void
Suppressed Debuff
High Durability
Berserk Mode
Temporal Shockwave
Summon Fanatics
Ritual of Negation
Guard Sync Plates
Summon Supplicants
Blinding Confluxes


Xydrakon, the Collective Mind is a Vex Cyclops that is unique in that it represents the totality of the Vex's hive-mind programming. It holds the record for being the single most powerful Axis Mind ever known.



Xydrakon has one of the most dangerous and complex boss encounters of any Vex unit, having multiple phases and mechanics to execute to perfection. One small mistake is a death sentence.

Primary Weapons[edit]

Xydrakon has 3 main weapons: a Void blast cannon, dual Solar Line Repeaters, and Arc EMP Turbochargers. The blast cannon fires 3 scattered explosive projectiles that each leave behind a purple dome that greatly slows down any player that steps inside. These domes linger for 15 seconds. Line Repeaters are several steps above the Hobgoblin's Line Rifle in that they have no charge time, have a drastically increased rate of fire, and inflict the Burning debuff upon a successful hit. The burn effect lasts for 5 seconds. Turbochargers on the bottom of Xydrakon's chassis will periodically emit a massive EMP shockwave that inflicts the Shocking debuff on anyone within the radius of the pulse.

Going Up, Going Down[edit]

Xydrakon has the ability to relocate itself on the top, middle, and bottom levels of the battlefield using an elevator at will. As it does this, it will inflict one Guardian at random with the Displacement debuff and teleport that Guardian to the level it is currently on. If the Guardian being teleported moves around at all, then they will be inflicted with the Inhibition debuff, which will kill them immediately. Assuming this part is done correctly, each level will have two Guardians standing on them.

Rise of the Confluences[edit]

Xydrakon will erect a conflux at each side of the arena after all Guardians have been teleported at least once, at which point smaller Vex units will arrive to sacrifice themselves to them. Guardians must defend them from all Vex reinforcements, which will include Goblins, Hobgoblins, Minotaurs, Harpys, and even Hydras. Failure to defend these confluxes from 3 sacrifices will allow Xydrakon to inflict the Expunged debuff on the entire raid team, immediately killing everyone.

Big, Glowing Squares[edit]

Xydrakon will then summon its Oracles, which must be killed as quickly as possible. Every time an Oracle is destroyed, the player who did so will be captured by detainment bubbles. These must be destroyed quickly, as there will be six Oracles per level. Stepping outside the bubbles before it is destroyed will inflict the Suppression Field debuff, which is an instant kill. Failure to kill an Oracle will result in the Prophecy of Doom, which will kill everyone, just like Atheon, Time's Conflux.

Time Travel[edit]

Xydrakon has the ability to open the Timestream just like Atheon. However, the difference here is that all six Guardians will be teleported to another realm, and will have been marked by the Void and suppressed of their abilities until they make it back out. There will be no way to cleanse Guardians of the Void Mark. While in the Timestream, Guardians will have to break the Hydra Links that have been keeping Xydrakon from taking any damage. These links are guarded by 2 Major Hydras that will need to be killed as fast as possible, as they are also guarding the way out. If the Hydras are not killed in 30 seconds, the entire team will remain stuck in time.

Take It Down, But Watch Your Back[edit]

Xydrakon will be vulnerable and in a stunned, albiet raging state with its Hydra Links disabled. All Guardians will be teleported to the level it is on, thus beginning the damage phase. This damage phase will last for 60 seconds, but other things will be happening as well. For one, Xydrakon will summon its Fanatics that will mark players for negation. Once Xydrakon casts the Ritual of Negation, all marked players will die. In addition, even though it will be stunned, it will still open fire with all of its weapons and will be able to cast a Temporal Shockwave on anyone that gets within point blank range.

Systems Back Online[edit]

Xydrakon will recover from the damage phase and send in Supplicants using special gates. These Gates can only be closed by capturing Vex Sync Plates. Praetorians will not be present during the fight as Xydrakon itself is able to recapture the plates if they are not attended to. To mess up players' aim, the confluxes will send out blinding flashes of light. Once the gates are closed, the entire process repeats.