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Omega Collective


Enhance Vex core programming
Determine structure of time
Rewrite reality in their image

Axis Minds:

Zrygon, Reaper Mind
Vorpaleon, Serrated Mind
Xydrakon, the Collective Mind


Omega Collective is a Vex programming collective known for their enhanced chassis and control over time when compared to other programming collectives. Their troops have been modified to help their leaders achieve the perfect purpose of rewriting reality and as such are the most powerful programming collective yet.


After Quria was Taken on the Harmony Nicha-Thought-Ship, the greater Vex collective manufactured a Vex Programming based on the data recovered from Oryx Throne world with a single goal: to shape reality to fit their design. Invested with the Hive Sword Logic, the Omega Collective undertook colossal projects in the study of the Hive's ontological power, the throne-space and as a result, can bend the laws of mere physics much like Oryx could. If they manage to transform this dimension into a massive throne world, the Vex will become unstoppable.


Each existing Vex troop has gone through several modifications, making them more dangerous. Unlike normal Vex, the weak point is no longer their juicebox, but their head. When in berserk mode, they are immune until they land a hit.

Omega Goblin[edit]

Goblins teleport more frequently and are armed with dual Arc Slap Rifles. Their melee is replaced with a taser setting on their guns, which will temporarily paralyze opponents and inflict the Shocking debuff.

Omega Harpy[edit]

Harpies fly much faster and can teleport. They are armed with Arc Slap Rifles that fire seeking bolts. When accompanied by other Vex in close proximity, they gain an overshield, and in return, they grant fellow Vex troops a damage buff. When killed, they release a homing Arc orb that marks players for 10 seconds.

Omega Hobgoblin[edit]

Hobgoblins are armed with Arc Line Rifles that cause brief paralysis upon a successful hit. When they are struck, their stasis shields, in addition to providing brief immunity to them and burning any Guardians inside, now send out a Solar explosion followed by tracking Solar projectiles that deal heavy damage. Their melee attacks now cause moderate knockback and temporarily disable Guardian melee and grenade abilities.

Omega Minotaur[edit]

Minotaurs are armed with a Slap Repeater in one hand and a Torch Hammer in the other. The Slap Repeater discharges Solar bolts at 1000 RPM with incredible accuracy; getting hit with a bolt marks the player for 10 seconds. The Torch Hammer, on the other hand, has a much wider arc and higher muzzle velocity. In addition, Minotaurs are equipped with two Void shields instead of just one and their melee attacks cause significant knockback.

Omega Hydra[edit]

Hydras are armed with three Aeon Mauls that fire explosive Void bolts which each leave a radiation cloud upon detonation. Stepping in this radiation cloud will inflict a debuff that disables recovery for 30 seconds; when the debuff expires, you die. The only way to counter this debuff is to kill the Hydra. Its shield now deflects anything that hits it and will allow the Hydra to regenerate health when not under fire.

Omega Cyclops[edit]

Cyclopses will be protected by a Solar shield, and their mortar blasts now track their targets. When they enter berserk mode, they will quickly regenerate health and send out Arc shockwaves that cause knockback, paralysis, and the Shocking debuff. Upon death, they will send out a giant homing Void orb that will instantly kill whatever target it hits.