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Zrygon, Reaper Mind
Biographical information




Omega Collective


Axis Mind



Combat information


Twisted Realm


Dual Torch Hammers


Initial Immunity
Temporal Shockwave
Expunged Debuff
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Denial Debuff
Summon Vex


Zrygon, Reaper Mind is a Vex Minotaur Axis Mind that guards the entrance to the Twisted Realm. It has been programmed to aggressively fend off any intruders to the Vex's core programming.


As it is the first boss in the raid, Zrygon will have the least amount of mechanics to worry about. However, its aggressive nature requires constant evasion from players, meaning that there will be a lot of movement.

Shields Activated[edit]

Zrygon will initially be immune to all damage. It will open fire with dual Torch Hammers from the center of the arena, occasionally stepping out to chase any Guardian for a few seconds before returning to the middle. Some Vex reinforcements will assault the raid team on all sides for 60 seconds. Eventually, three Major Hobgoblins with Arc shields will come out of certain doors. They need to be killed in the right order. In order to determine the order in which they have to be killed, one player must enter a small hidden room by crouching. In this room will be a monitor that will say the order in which to kill the Hobgoblins. They will appear as the number of the doors they came from (ex. 3, 2, 1). If killed in the wrong order or the team takes too long to kill them, Zrygon will expunge the entire raid team, killing everyone. However, if the Hobgoblins are killed in the right order, then the shields will be deactivated.

Now It's Personal[edit]

One random Guardian will gain the Focused buff, in which they will be able to do more damage than normal to Zrygon, whereas the others will be inflicted with a debuff that reduces damage output against it. The player that is being focused on will be constantly chased until they do enough damage or die. If enough damage is dealt, Zrygon will return to the middle to go through the cycle again. If the focused player dies, then Zrygon will focus on another guardian and all the same applies until Zrygon kills the entire team or returns to the middle.