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Vorpaleon, Serrated Mind
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Omega Collective


Axis Mind



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Twisted Realm


Aeon Mauls
Line Repeaters


Circular Shield
Summon Vex
Refraction Beam
Detainment Bubble
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Suppression Field
Summon Supplicants
Timed Death Zones
Room Lockdown
Rapid Teleportation
Serration Bonds
High Durability
Detonation Melee


Vorpaleon, Serrated Mind is an elite Vex Hydra encountered in the Twisted Realm Raid. It bars the way to the deepest, darkest dungeon the Vex have dug out: the Distortion Chamber.


Primary Weapons[edit]

Vorpaleon has two main weapons of choice. It has an Aeon Maul on each of its top two body segments, and a pair of Line Repeaters on the bottom. Line Repeaters function like Line Rifles, but do not require a charge time and fire incredibly quickly.

Refraction Beams[edit]

Vorpaleon will light up several beams of energy across the room to close off certain areas. These beams will either rotate, go up and down, or move forward and backward at random intervals. Any Guardian who crosses a beam will die. Detainment bubbles will deflect these beams.

Detainment Bubbles[edit]

After 30 seconds of weaving in and out of the beams, they will freeze in place, although they will still kill anyone who crosses them. However, Vorpaleon will detain all Guardians, who will then be inflicted with a debuff that slowly drains grenade, melee, and Super energy until the detainment bubble is destroyed. Stepping out of these bubbles will cause a Suppression Field to appear, instantly killing the Guardian who was supposed to be detained.

Supplicant Masses[edit]

After freeing themselves from detainment, the Guardians will then have to fend off waves of Supplicants. If any Supplicant detonates in a Guardian's respective zone, the explosion will create a spot that will be timed for death. If too many Supplicants detonate in an area, the entire room will be inaccessible, limiting the playing area.

Serration Bonds[edit]

After the Supplicants have been fended off, Vorpaleon will activate its Serration Bonds, which will inflict Guardians with a debuff that will decrease weapon handling and fire rate. It will then begin to teleport to different locations randomly and send in its Serration Guards, which are Major Minotaurs that have a resistant Void shield. These Minotaurs must be killed in order to obtain a relic that must be inserted into a hole in the wall. The debuff will go away when the relic is picked up, but the relic must be inserted to shut down Vorpaleon's shield.

Damage Phase[edit]

Shutting down Vorpaleon's shield will make Vorpaleon vulnerable to damage for 45 seconds and will be stunned, but getting close to it will still result in a detonation melee, which is an instant kill.