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Vochun, Eye of The Eternal Will
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Shadow Legion




Psion Flayer

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Final Words (Fractures)


SolarS.png Resonant Sun


Summon Taken
Summon Attendant
Summon Weaver
Summon Evocators
Immunity Shield
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Strafe Thrusters
VoidS.png Psionic Shockwave
SolarS.png Suns of Lubrae


Vochun, Eye of The Eternal Will is a powerful Psion Flayer of the Shadow Legion.


Originally a normal Psion, Vochun was once one of many clones created by Calus from within the Typhon Imperator to become part of his Shadow Legion army. Following the Emperor's death, he would be among the forces deployed to guard the Witness' Pyramid and the reforming body of Nezarec.

During the Heroes' assault on the ship, Vochun would be the sole survivor of a Shadow Legion squad. Watching the Heroes press forward, the orders imprinted into his mind initially made him try to pursue them. However, he would hear a different voice that drew him to an abandoned part of the Pyramid ship where he would find a long room with a single amber casing at the far end. A plant from the Traveler's terraforming beam had pierced the amber and Light had been dripping into a severed Eye.

Vochun pulled the Eye out by order of the voice, promising him freedom and power. The power within the Eye was enough to evolve Vochun into a Flayer, increasing his power and expanding his mind beyond what Calus' initial makings. Vochun would be indebted to the voice, revealing itself to be the lost Disciple Tivon, and would travel with it across the system. Eventually, Vochun, now empowered by Tivon's Eye, would attempt to stop the Heroes from completing Savathûn's Wish. However, his fate would be sealed. As for the fate of the Eye, it remains unclear what happened to it.