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Olympian Collective
Sol Collective
Sol Divisive
Sol Progeny
Hezen Corrective
Hezen Protective
Aphix Invasive
Virgo Prohibition
Ex Archival
Sol Machina

Combat information


Slap Rifle
Torch Hammer
Line Rifle
Warp Lance
Slap Grenades


Frontal Shield
Arrow Barrage


Centaurs are small, slim, yet rather fast Vex units first encountered on Ganymede.


Centaurs are quadruped Vex units, with four double jointed legs ending with hooved feet. Their most notable feature is their backsides. Centaurs make their first appearance on Ganymede and can be found in various activities such Strikes, Olympian Hunts, Missions, Patrols, the Fall of Olympus raid, and the Spire Integration Public Event. Thus far, they do not seem to be findable anywhere else in the system.


They operate as cavalry units with the ability to have other units ride on them to battle, making them also reinforcements. Now due to their smaller bodies, they can only have units like goblins and hobgoblins. The larger the centaur, the bigger the unit they can carry.

Centaurs main attacks include a variety of weapons, such as slap rifles and warp lances. Their most powerful ability is their charge. A charging centaur can kill the most resilient of guardians and will generate a shield that protects their front but not their flank, making them viable for damage by attacking them from behind.

Centaurs are rather fast and can be hard to kill due to their superior mobility. A way of staggering them is by taking advantage of a charging centaur or a centaur that is carrying another unit, who will only be charging in one direction, exposing their vulnerable flank. Damaging them enough will lead to them hitting the ground, and any units riding them will be launched into the air.

Centaurs using longbows can launch dangerous barrages of arrows that can quickly take down opponents that don't suspect it. These barrages cannot go through any buildings and/or environments, providing cover from said barrages and rendering them useless.

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  • Like most Vex, Centaurs are named after a mythological creature; centaur is a creature from Greek mythology with the upper body of a human and the lower body and legs of a horse.

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