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The Dark Frankenstein
Biographical information


Fallen, Hive, Vex, Cabal, Taken Hybrid


Queen Yreakn


Yreakn's "pet"






10 tonnes

Combat information


Our Darkest Hour


Servitor Eye
Slap Rifles
Cluster Missiles


Eye Blast
Ether Shield
Acolyte's Eye
Wall of Darkness
Ground Slam



The Frankenstein was an abomination created by a Guardian who fell to the Darkness, Yreaken created the monster from the corpse of Phogoth, the Untamed by fusing all known enemy DNA together and created the monstrosity and called herself a Queen because of her immense power from the creature. During the Festival of the Lost, Werrak Orimph approached the Guardian about killing the monster and it's Queen before it could get anymore powerful. The Guardian and two other Guardians proceed to kill the Monster and its creator and ensure a happy Festival.


The Our Darkest Hour mission is only available during the Festival of the Lost event were you can find Werrak waiting for you in the Bazzar, accept the quest and get a Fireteam as you have to have three Guardians in order to launch the mission. You'll appear in the Summoning Pits, shoot the Blight in the middle and Yreakn and her monster will appear. The Dark Frankenstein is about as tall as Phogoth but a little bit bigger. You must dispatch the monster before you can fight Yreakn although she can be subdued for a while if her health is drained to almost zero but will regenerate after a few minutes. The Dark Frankenstein will often change between shooting the classic Ogre shots, to firing Servitor blasts along with constantly firing its dual slap rifles on its back via Harpy wings and occasionally will surround Yreakn with a wall of Darkness and if you shoot it, Both Yreakn and the Monster will heal equal to how much damage the shield took so you must be very careful with your shots against Yreakn and The Monster can acticvate and Ether shield to prevent Yreakn from gaining damage. The Monster can also teleport short distances and summon Acolyte's Eyes,these happen at random and can wipe a team if he teleports to close to the team and slams them all to death and the eyes can shred through even the most bulky of builds. Upon The Dark Frankenstein's death it'll activate a Darkness Dimension and will pull everyone inside to fight Yreaken. Dispatch her and the battle is yours.