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Werrak Orimph, The Dawning
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Obsessed with The Dawning
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Werrak's Beginning[edit]

Werrak was resurrected during the events of Vanilla Destiny when he was found in a wreckage in The Reef by his ghost. Upon his revival he found a ship which he eventually called Upon Dawn and made his way back to The Last City but while trying to escape the Reef, The Crow's spies detected the ship activate and captured him and his Ghost. When he was confronted by the Crow, Werrak had all of his possessions taken away along with his Ghost and imprisoned. When he questioned the Crow why he was imprisoned Uldron responded by telling him that he was a criminal of the Reef in his previous life. Enraged at the Crow for punishing him for something he didn't know he did, Werrak punched down the two guards holding him down and escaped behind the Crow and grabbed his Ghost and ran.

On the Run[edit]

Werrak and his Ghost escaped from the Reef and reached the moon but was found by the Crow's forces but Werrak had made some friends at the Ocean of Storms and began to fight against the forces. But most of Werrak's friends had given their life to allow him to escape to the Tower with three of his friends. Shepard-9 and Theos, who are Exos, and Kermos, another Awoken.

The Dawning[edit]

Upon Werrak and his friends' arrival, Werrak became close friends with Eva Lavante and helped her come up with the Dawning and slowly became obsessed with it. After the Red War Werrak realized Eva was still missing. By losing almost all of his friends and belongings he went insane and the Dawning became all he knew. Every Dawning he appears to sell goods to the Guardians who kill his targets.


  • "The Dawning is all I have left."
  • "My "friends" have told me about your adventures, you're quite the hero huh? We'll see about that... Kill my enemies and I'll give you a good Dawning this year. Do you have what it takes to erase sadness before Dawn?"
  • "Dawn is coming."
  • "Perhaps you're a Ghost, I didn't see you approach me."
  • "What do you need?"
  • "I'm a friend of Eva, if she's even still alive."
  • "The Narcissist is a true threat, but be happy, it's the Dawning."
  • "Hydras are annoying, (whispers) stupid shields."
  • "Did you know that a group of Harpies is called a flock? You probably did."
  • "Why hello there Guardian, I require Phaseglass and some docking caps. Get them and I'll reward you."
  • "Have you seen a Ghost wearing a blanket hovering around lately? It's not the Festival of the Lost yet."
  • "Kcab gnimoc tnsi tsohg sohp. Sorry, just quoting an ancient saying. I'm not positive what it means..."