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Red Goliath
Production information




Goliath Tank

Technical specifications

Other system(s):

Booster Engines
Vortex Drainer


Cabal Hull Plating


Planet Cracker Turret
Heavy Slug Throwers
Cluster Missile Swarms
Shrapnel Skip Cannons
Cabal Magma Spigots
Trip Mine Deployers


Year introduced:

Red War


Point Defense
Heavy Assault


Red Legion


Red Goliaths are a Red Legion variant of the Goliath Tank. They are equipped with superior firepower than their regular counterparts, making them more efficient in combat, given the Red Legion's offensive capabilities.


Planet Cracker Turrets[edit]

The Red Goliath's main turret retains the velocity, range, and power of the original model, but has been enhanced with proximity detonation, and projectiles will leave a pool of fire on the ground where they strike, inflicting damage over time. The pool of fire will dissipate after 20 seconds.

Heavy Slug Throwers[edit]

Instead of the typical Slug Repeaters seen in the regular Goliath, Red Goliaths are instead outfitted with Heavy Slug Throwers used by the Colossus. These Heavy Slug Throwers can rotate independently to engage different targets at a time.

Cluster Missile Swarms[edit]

The Red Goliath's missile swarms work in the same manner of the new Colossus' missile swarms. They deal Arc damage, have aggressive tracking, and inflict blindness and slowness effects on their targets similar to a Web Mine.

Shrapnel Skip Cannons[edit]

The flak cannons on the Red Goliath have been enhanced to fire large shrapnel projectiles that bounce and ricochet on any surface they impact. Each projectile can bounce up to 5 times before shattering, unleashing a large explosion of debris that deals serious damage.

Cabal Magma Spigots[edit]

Unlike the regular Goliath, which had to use its booster engines as makeshift flamethrowers, the Red Goliath has Magma Spigots which permanently function as flamethrowers. Once faced at close range, these spigots will unleash long streams of fire and the Red Goliath will spin around, allowing it to ignite multiple targets and stack the burning effect up to 5 times.

Trip Mine Deployers[edit]

The Red Goliath keeps the booster charge ability and the mine deployers of the original, but the mine deployers now fire tripmines that have to be triggered to detonate. These trip mines can also be deployed when the tank is not charging down its targets with its booster engines. They function identically to the Fallen Trip Mine.

Hovercraft Function[edit]

The booster engines of the Red Goliath allow it another ability: limited flight. Like Legionaries and Centurions, they can temporarily hover in the air to reach airborne targets and will be able to fire all their weapons while remaining in place. Upon descent, it will crush anyone it lands on, instantly killing them.

Vortex Drainer[edit]

The Vortex Drainer is a newly installed feature on the Red Goliath. Every 30 seconds, it unleashes a Void singularity from its main turret, functioning as a horizontal tornado that can suck in multiple targets. This tornado will search out targets for 15 seconds. Any Guardian who gets stuck will be pulled towards the Red Goliath and be held in place in the air. As they are reeled in, the singularity becomes a torrent that deals rapid damage over time, jams all equipped weapons, and suppresses abilities. Once the target has reached critical health levels, they will be forcibly pushed away through the air and into a nearby obstacle, potentially killing them.


Despite this overwhelming firepower, the Red Goliath has noticeable drawbacks. It is bigger and slower than the regular Goliath, making it arguably easier to attack. In addition, it is possible to jump on top of the tank as it enters hovercraft mode, allowing for easy close-range damage against the main weak spots: the booster engines. Damaging these booster engines are essential because as they take enough damage, the tank will no longer be able to use its hovercraft function, and its boost ability will have less speed and duration.