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New Lost Forges were once Golden Age weapons foundries created by the Black Armory before they disappeared with the countless civilizations during the Collapse. Years following the recovery of the original 4 Lost Forges, they would mysteriously re-activate, drawing in countless ambitious enemy factions who would seek to utilize the Forges for weapons and armor production and enhancement. Week by week, following alongside the Heists for Spider's Casino, the last, long-lost forges would be recovered by the Guardians, despite the fierce opposition.


Because of it's appearance following the events of Shadowkeep, enemies will bear a higher power level, thus increasing their threat, and Champions will often join the fray. Each game will feature a different enemy faction with a new boss instead of the usual one of the latter. There will be more time to gather the batteries, but, that is because Phased enemies will be more resilient to damage and a secondary objective will often pop-up. The secondary objectives include:

  • Activate Cooling Pylons: Indicated by the "The Forge is overheating, Cooling Pylons dispatched" pop-up text. Players must keep enemies away from the terminals connected to the Pylons before they sabotage it entirely. Failure loses more time while a success grants sufficient progress.
  • Stop the Sabotage: Indicated by the "The enemy plots something, mysterious devices appear..." pop-up text. Players must locate the enemy machines and destroy them with enemy charges dropped from nearby Forge Saboteur enemies before the devices activate. Failure loses more time while a success grants sufficient progress.
  • Kill the Saboteur: Indicated by the "A Forge Saboteur enters the arena, impatient and scornful." pop-up text. Players must locate and eliminate the Forge Saboteur before they cross each checkpoint in the arena and reach the Forge. Failure loses more time while a success grants sufficient progress.

List of New Lost Forges[edit]

Lost Forge Character Level Power Level Location Expansion/Update PlayStation Exclusive Forge Protectors Forge Wardens Lost Forge Specific Loot
jormungandr forge 50 970 Hellas Basin, Mars Season of Avarice No N/A Glyphlord Kitrâa, Forge Warden
Valus Tolghul, Forge Warden
Weaver Erysthion, Forge Warden
cernunnos forge 50 980 New Pacific Arcology, Titan Season of Avarice No N/A Iconoclast Alasûk, Forge Warden
Baroness Esilis, Forge Warden
Operant Bolsar, Forge Warden
amaterasu forge 50 990 Dreaming City, Tangled Shore Season of Avarice No N/A Possessed Rakuuvii, Forge Warden
Warlord Nolvak, Forge Warden
Asphyxiated Mind, Forge Warden
bakasura forge 50 1000 Ocean of Storms, Moon Season of Avarice No N/A Fragmented Vessel, Forge Warden
Kitbashed Rampart, Forge Warden
Sentinel Penelipos, Forge Warden

List of Appearances[edit]