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Malphas Invasion


The Gateway


Malphas Aamon
Storm Ketch
Thielia Ruins, Dendarox
Vex Network


  • Decisive Fallen victory
  • Malphas Aamon destroyed
    • Thah'lac Morr killed in battle
      • The Relic takes Thah'lac Morr's soul
    • Bracus Kahl killed in battle
    • Star Chasers eliminated
  • Zydreas, Gate Lord Prime killed in battle
  • Nythrex, Treacherous Mind assassinated
  • Trelós, Prime Zealot assassinated
  • Kridiks Reborn killed in battle

House of Storm

Star Chasers



Nythrex, Kell of Storm
Felthriks, Storm Baroness

Thah'lac Morr
Bracus Kahl

Nythrex, Treacherous Mind
Zydreas, Gate Lord Prime


"This may be my final message, my final message to anyone. The Storm are coming. No matter what we throw at them, they persist. Victory is impossible, I've already come to terms. But no matter the devastation, I will fight for my empire! I will fight in Ghaul's name!"
— An excerpt from Bracus Kahl's Journal

The Malphas Invasion was a conflict between the Fallen House of Storm and the Star Chasers of the Cabal. Described as a fierce and deadly clash by any survivors, it is labelled as one of the biggest battles in Eliksni history. The invasion was led by Nythrex onto the Star Chasers' ship, the Malphas Aamon.


The Command[edit]

The House of Storm had been running low on supplies to sustain themselves. All of their materials were being used by Kovik and the Splicers in order to finish the Gateway. Edregan sat at the war table as he awaited Nythrex's return. Felthriks would accompany Edregan as they began to plan for possible locations to pillage. Felthriks would go on to ask if Edregan had any doubts about their Kell. Edregan dismissed the question as he asked if she had any. She replied that she didn't, but she felt that some of the Storm might. Their conversation would be cut short when the war table began to detect a large amount of energy gathered in abundance in a distant star system. Felthriks placed her hand on Edregan's shoulder, telling him that she would go check on the energy readings as she left.

Nythrex would return in a flash of Vex teleportation. Edregan attempted to inform him about the aforementioned energy, but would be cut off as Nythrex gave Edregan a mission. He told Edregan that he would need to travel to an alternate timeline and kill the Nythrex that resided there. When asked why, Nythrex explained that he had sided with and was leading a large battalion of Precursors and needed to be dealt with. Edregan obliged as he remembered the conversation he had with Felthriks. Their interaction would be interrupted when a Splicer entered the room, telling Nythrex that his presence was requested by Kovik.

Nythrex entered the room to the Gateway, giving a stern yet appreciative look to the Splicers. Nythrex asked for an update on the Gateways progress. Kovik replied that the Gateway is stable, but its power fluctuates. Nythrex became disappointed when Felthriks entered the room, calling out to him. She stated that the energy displayed on the war table was from a roaming ship, saying that it decimated a settlement on the planet below. Nythrex ordered that the Storm prepare for battle.

The Scouts[edit]

Bracus Kahl stood patiently at his post, while the other Cabal hauled around the resources they stole from the natives of the system. Thah'lac Morr arrived to gloat about how successful their pillage was, and that they would be destroying the city below them. Kahl detested, saying that it would be a waste of energy for their ship. Morr insisted that the settlement be destroyed as he ordered the Cabal to fire the ship's weapons. Morr asked Kahl about the 'Storm' that he had been investigating. Kahl responded that the Storm hold great power, and that they have disappeared off of their radar multiple times due to an unknown anomaly.

Morr protested that if they ever encounter the Storm, then they will not fight. Kahl stated it would be unwise, while Morr began to call for the Scouts that he sent to the edge of the system for recon. The ship detected a large presence in the distance, proclaiming that it might be the Storm. Kahl began to panic, saying that they must attack first, and that they should not wait for the Scouts to return. Morr dismissed Kahl's plan, stating that the Storm won't be strong enough to take on the might of the Cabal.

The Battle[edit]


The House of Storm used their cloaking technology to hide their Ketch from the Cabal, slowly closing in on their position. The Malphas could detect the Eliksni's presence as they prepared to fire the weapons once more. The Storm sprung into action, launching void projectiles from the dissected Servitor eyes mounted on the side of the Ketch. The projectiles would meet a force field subconsciously cast by the Malphas as the ship deployed many Cabal Warships towards the Ketch. The Storm returned this action as multiple Skiffs made their way towards the Malphas in order to check out the force field, the Ketch inching slowly towards the Cabal.

Nythrex ordered that the Storm must infiltrate the ship and destroy it from the inside. The Storm prepared to close in on the ship as Nythrex, Edregan, and Felthriks entered the deployed Skiffs. Described as a 'Clash of Stars' by the Cabal, the Skiffs and Warships shot at each other, crashing and falling to the planet below. Thah'lacc Morr demanded the Cabal deploy multiple Injection Rigs in the Thielia Ruins and a Mining Lander in order to gather resources and spy on the enemy to map out possible attack positions. The Skiffs examined the force field and determined that it was only able to block projectiles. Entering the field, the Skiffs began to take fire from the Malphas' weapons, yet they managed to deal damage to the side of the ship.

The Invasion[edit]

The Skiffs that carried Nythrex, Felthriks and Edregan managed to board the Malphas, with Felthriks mentioning its abnormal shape.[1] Nythrex instructed Felthriks to lead the remaining Skiffs to the ship in order to board, while Edregan explores the ship and takes out the soldiers. When asked what he would do, Nythrex said he would attempt to find the leader and stop them. The three split up, Edregan and Nythrex running deeper into the ship, and Felthriks attempting to lead the fighters to board the Malphas.


  1. ^ The Malphas Aamon resembles a massive subway train.