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Triplet's Monstrosity




House of Wolves (Formerly)




Goliath Tank

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Wolves Pride


Cabal Heavy Munitions
Robotic Maces
Ramming Targe
Missile Swarms
Mounted Slug Rifles


Emit Flame Wall
Rapid Movement
Cabal Armor Plating


Lightbreaker is a hijacked Cabal Goliath Tank used by the radical (and not very bright) Alpha Triplets. The Alpha Triplets were once pike gang leaders of the House of Wolves. They only survived the wrath of Reksis Vahn by simply beating the crap out of Servitors and stealing their ether.


Wolvish Pike Gang[edit]

"*Uncontrolled Laughter* Look at this ugly piece of work!" "Hahaha!" "Hey bro! Should we be doin' eryone' a favor? "Yeah sis! Run the ugly thing down-" "Hehe..." "-And take that sword thingy!" "Hahaha!" *Subtly Rumble with a sudden bang* *Uncontrolled Laughter* "Best damn job ever!" "You said it sis! Not me!"
— Picked up Radio chatter during the Siege of Pallas

The Alpha Triplets were 3 Fallen Dregs who led a major Wolf Pike gang. They were only put in the position because Skolas saw their engenuity, and near-suicidal recklessness and wanted to utilize it as a weapon against the Reef. The result was a major scourge to both sides of the conflict. They caused catastrophical damage to the reef because, in their own words, it was ugly, and they wanted to "beautify" it. They disobeyed Skolas' orders and brought many Wolf and Awoken casualties due to their gang's suicidal persistance and reckless fighting. When the Wolves broke the Prison of Elders, they took all, but the Alpha Triplets. They escaped only by tricking Cabal into starting a riot, stealing a captured Goliath Tank, and blew up half the entire facility using nothing more than Cursed Thralls they captured. After leaving 300m away, they came back with an impounded Skiff and their Goliath Tank to, yet again, in their own words, "beautify" the Prison because it was "ugly". As they made their escape, they stopped to destroy 5 Ketches because, once again, in their own words, the paint-job was an eye-sore, so they only "beautified" it. After nearly 6 hours of evading Awoken ships and resisting thousands upon thousands of bullets and rockets, they fled, leaving millions of Glimmers worth destroyed and thousands dead. Despite their destructive tendancies, they were never heard of for 3 years.



  • The Triplets would represent pride because of their uncaring for others but themselves and their "hate" of other peoples cultures and tastes.