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Grasp of Nokris


Servants of Nokris


Nokris, Shadow Sovereign


Hellas Basin, Mars


Grasp of Nokris is a Hive sect settled in the polar ice caps of Hellas Basin on Mars under the command of Nokris.

Unique Forces[edit]

  • Thrall: Attacks with Arc claws that inflict a temporary "Frozen" debuff and can jump over their target to flank them.
    • Unhallowed Thrall
  • Cursed Thrall: Explosions inflict the "Frozen" debuff.
    • Unhallowed Cursed Thrall
  • Acolyte: Armed with enhanced Shredders that charge up and fire high-damage bursts of three Void bolts which can kill their target in two bursts. Throws two Solar fireball grenades at once. Can also appear with Boomers or Splinters.
    • Unhallowed Acolyte
  • Wizard: Can temporarily cover the floor in dark mist to temporarily cloak itself and other Hive units to rapidly transform a Thrall into an Ogre; they are uncloaked when the transformation is complete. Able to cast its shield on the newly birthed Ogre at the cost of being unshielded, but gains teleportation.
  • Knight: Armed with Solar Heavy Shredder that unleashes a rapid-fire stream of burning Solar arrows which inflict stacking burning effects. Can remain mobile and keep firing when Wall of Darkness is cast. Able to kill other nearby lesser Hive to increase its Power Level to the maximum, increasing its health and damage; becomes a Major and enters berserk mode when it reaches the cap. Can also appear with Boomers, Splinters, or Warhammers.
    • Unhallowed Knight
  • Vanquisher: Armed exclusively with a Cleaver and a physical Hive shield. Can swipe the ground with the sword to summon an Arc shockwave that travels along the ground which inflicts a heavy shocking effect. Uses its shield to bash its opponents, knocking them back and slowing them down.
    • Unhallowed Vanquisher
  • Ogre: Throws large Darkness Boulders that roll after Guardians, knocking them around and inflicting them with heavy stacking poison effects upon impact. Can eat nearby Thrall to heal itself. Enters berserk mode when on low health, instantly resetting its health back to full and can also fire their Void eye blasts when enraged.
    • Unhallowed Ogre