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Nokris, Shadow Sovereign
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Initial Resistance
Weight of Darkness
Summon Taken Mines
Berserker Rage
Hunted Debuff
Fist of Darkness
Venom of Nokris
Wrath of Nokris
Consumption Debuff
Summon Shadow Domes
Summon Shriekers
Guard Ascendant Sword
Guard Darkness Bonds
Wall of Darkness
High Durability
Darkness Dimension
Wrath of the Oversoul
Oversoul's Gaze


Nokris, Shadow Sovereign is a powerful Hive entity. He was first uncovered by a statue on the Dreadnaught, and was met by Guardians for the first time in his Ascendant Realm: the Cloak Dimension.


Nokris is able to be damaged, but like Skolas, every time he is shot, the word "Resist!" will show up instead of damage numbers, and he will have a lot of defenses that Guardians will have to penetrate through.

Primary Weapon[edit]

Nokris' personal weapon of choice is the Shadow Blaster, a heavily modified Boomer that fires the Taken Captain's Darkness Bolts, which leave the Wizard's poison cloud once it hits an enemy or surface.

Darkness Weight Phase[edit]

As Nokris sends in Hive reinforcements, his mere presence will cause a mist to appear on the floor that inflicts all Guardians with the Weight of Darkness debuff. There will also be floating Taken mines scattered around the arena that release high-damage pulses with a large radius.

Monolith Power Sequence[edit]

After all the mines have been detonated, Nokris will raise three monoliths, all of which grant him a specific ability. The left monolith will make him enter a berserker rage, rapidly charging down Guardians to get close enough to use his Fist of Darkness and inflicting the Hunted debuff to mark the player's location. The middle monolith enables him to rapidly fire Axion Darts that inflict the Venom of Nokris upon a successful hit, poisoning Guardians and reversing their ability recharge rates. The right monolith gives Nokris the ability to rain down lightning bolts called Wrath of Nokris that leave pools of Darkness that inflict the Consumption debuff, which disables use of the radar, slows down weapon handling, and causes blindness. These monoliths will be activated in a random order each time.

Shadow Dome Phase[edit]

As Nokris draws power from the monoliths, each Guardian will be trapped in their own Shadow Dome, where they will be forced to fight Shriekers on each side. These Shriekers guard a Cleaver relic that must be used to cut the dome in half to allow escape. These swords are the only way to kill special Gatekeeper Knights armed with Shredders.

Darkness Bonds Broken[edit]

There will be glyph plates similar to the Warpriest encounter that will weaken Nokris. Guardians must capture and guard them from the Knights, which are capable of capturing these plates. Once the Knights have been killed and the plates have been captured, Nokris' Darkness Bonds will be effectively broken and the Weight of Darkness will be removed. This will cause Nokris to put up a gigantic Wall of Darkness around him, which can be destroyed with enough concentrated fire. Guardians will then be able to damage Nokris for 45 seconds.

Darkness Dimension[edit]

After sustaining damage, Nokris will pull all Guardians into his Darkness Dimension, where health regeneration will be disabled. His Oversoul will activate, and is able to fire gigantic Darkness Blasts that instantly bring a Guardian's health one pixel next to empty upon a successful hit. The Oversoul must be destroyed in 20 seconds before it wipes the entire team.