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Veil of Nokris is an elite Hive sect that serves as the dedicated protectors and personal servants of Nokris, Shadow Sovereign.

Unique Forces[edit]

  • Thrall of Nokris: Run faster and use their teeth to attack in tandem with their Arc claws.
  • Acolyte of Nokris: Armed with Shredders that fire a spread of Void bolts similar to a shotgun. Can throw an Arc grenades that leave a feedback field upon detonation, shocking and paralyzing targets in its radius.
  • Wizard of Nokris: Equipped with Arc shields. Can either charge up and fire a large Void projectile similar to a Nova Bomb for long range or fire an electric surge for close range. Its poison clouds have a larger radius. Capable of teleporting short distances.
  • Knight of Nokris: Equipped with Solar shields. Armed with Boomers that fire a cluster of Void warheads that seek their targets and inflict a slowness effect upon detonation. Can unveil a poison-tipped Cleaver for close combat. Its Wall of Darkness grants it increased damage resistance and attack damage for a short time.
  • Ogre of Nokris: Equipped with Void shields. Can fire a concentrated Void stream that weakens its targets. Capable of smashing the ground with its fists to unleash a shockwave that will travel along the ground and send its target on another course. Able to throw nearby chunks of debris at its victim. Its ground slam has a larger radius but has a longer cooldown. When its slam is on cooldown, it will pick up nearby Guardians and throw them against the wall. Shooting the Ogre for long enough will stop this process