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Pit of Heresy



A Void in Time


Destiny 2


Season of Dawn


1 - 3

Recommended Power Level:



Corridors of Time, Mercury


Find a Psion Flayer and prevent them from escaping the Corridors of Time.

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A single paradox will change the course of history.

A Void in Time is a Dungeon introduced with the Season of Dawn. The premise is that following the deaths of the Red Legion Flayers, the Corridors of Time was forced open. After this incident, a Psion Flayer from another timeline ventured into Corridors, attempting to expand the Cabal empire from the other time line. The Guardian is sent into the Corridors to prevent the Flayer from escaping with it's powerful, Vex-tech armed contingent. However, due to the time-absent powers of the Corridors, the Flayer is continually trapped in a time-loop, where it still attempts to breach The Sundial.


Unique Enemies[edit]


Fuse the Timestreams[edit]

Path of Paradoxes[edit]

Stabilize the Cascade[edit]

Val Kitrum, Gutting Blade[edit]

Elegar, Legion's Pendulum[edit]



  • Out of Time - Complete A Void in Time. - 100 Triumph Points.
  • Like Clockwork - Complete A Void in Time without dying. - 200 Triumph Points.
  • Time Surgeon - Complete A Void in Time solo. - 200 Triumph Points.
  • ...and Stay Out! - Complete A Void in Time solo without dying. - 300 Triumph Points and the Fatalism's Champion Emblem.
  • You're Unstable! - Do not accumulate more than 5 stacks of Temporal Instability. - 200 Triumph Points.
  • Stepped in some Gum - Navigate the Path of Paradoxes without getting spotted. - 200 Triumph Points.
  • Time Crunch - Do not stand on a Sync Plate for longer than 5 seconds. - 200 Triumph Points.
  • Good Dogs - Defeat Val Kitrum, Gutting Blade without killing any of his Hounds. - 200 Triumph Points.
  • Minor Inconveniences - Defeat Elegar, Legion's Pendulum without destroying any of her Thresher support. - 200 Triumph Points.


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