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Elegar, Legion's Pendulum
Biographical information




Red Legion


Psion Flayer







Combat information


A Void in Time


Hourglass Rifle


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Ultra Smash
Immunity Shield
Elemental Shielding
Nova Fissure
Cataclysm Volley
Conjure Barriers
Molecular Tempest
Conjure Portal
Temporal Instability
Entropy Fallout


"I have felt their presence carving their way to here, my timeline. They are gone then. But they have dug open a pathway to their time, a hidden, near untouchable tunnel leading to a new era of probabilities. A new sandbox of prospects and power. More threats to subvert and crush under my heel. They failed, but they have paved the way for my success. Now, however, now... no, then, then is the time I will change everything. For the better."
— Elegar on the invasion of The Sundial.

Elegar, Legion's Pendulum is a Red Legion Psion Flayer from another timeline carved into by the Red Legion Flayers. Following the fall of the sisters' last ditch effort to kill the Guardians, Inotam, Oblivion's Triune, the Corridors of Time was still weak from the Flayer Trio's corruption. After detecting their involvement in the Corridors, Elegar would infiltrate the time absent terminus and plotted the invasion of the current timeline and armament of the Red Legion with highly advanced weaponry from their time. However, thanks to a tip from Osiris, The Guardian would delve into the Legion occupied Corridors and kill Elegar before she could enact her plan. However, thanks to the powers of the Corridors of Time, she would be constantly resurrected as a part of a constant time loop, forcing Guardians to constantly visit the Corridors of Time to kill her before she can finally breach the timelines.


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