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Grimoire Doubles.jpg
"Work together... and you might survive."
Lord Shaxx

Doubles is a Crucible match variant introduced in The Dark Below.


Doubles is a 2v2 Crucible playlist with teammate revival. The main priority for both teams is to eliminate their opponents before their teammate revive them and complete the objective in the case of Salvage.


Team play is important, and with revives being part of the gametype staying together is recommended. Since their are only two enemies, the risk of being flanked is very low, as a lone enemy will can be picked off very quickly by two players. While reviving is important, it's not worth dying over, and novice players will rush into for a revive, getting themselves and their revived teammate killed. Moving together to relics in the Salvage variant of the mode is important, and choosing how to either defend or attack the relic is vital.

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