Trammel of Demise

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Trammel of Demise
Biographical information






Taken Wizard

Combat information


Salvation's Edge


High Durability
Rapid Movement
VoidS.png Absorption Shield
SolarS.png Necromantic Gaze
Summon Shadow Thrall
Lock Down Conductor


Trammels of Demise are Major Taken Wizards encountered in Salvation's Edge alongside the Trammels of Conflict and Time in defense of the Herald of Finality, using their power and presence to prevent the intruding fireteam from wielding the energies of the Monolith.


First appearing with the second wave of adds in the left portion of the arena, the Trammel of Demise will join its Ravenous Taken Knight and Attendant allies in defense of the Herald of Finality as it stalls for the looming Final Shape. While it isn't mechanically impressive, its elimination is paramount in order to unlock the conductor and spark a charge within the connecting plate, thus allowing the team there to both charge the conductors, gather resonance and permit damage to the Herald of Finality. Additionally, while the Herald of Finality is on it's final stand, it will attempt to spawn the Trammel and its allies in one last ditch effort to eliminate the Guardians either themselves or stall them against the looming Final Shape.