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Piri is the Ghost of the Hunter Lisbon-13. Originally a part of the Fireteam known as the Kentarch 3, Piri and Lisbon joined The Hidden following an incident in the Black Garden that resulted in the loss of the rest of the Fireteam and their memory of the incident.


Expedition into the Black Garden[edit]

The Kentarch 3 were ordered by the Senior Sybil of the Cryptochron Order, of which the Warlock Rekkana was a member, to enter the Black Garden and secure a weapon at its heart that could shed more light on the origins of the realm.[1] After a battle against a large group of Vex to secure the weapon, Divinity, which was entrusted to Lisbon-13 by Rekkana, the three Guardians heard a mysterious voice speaking in their minds. All three pulled out their Ghosts to analyze their surroundings, with Lisbon requesting for Piri to scan the area for signs of life.[2] She complied but detected no traces of complex life but the members of the Kentarch 3. Her Guardian then suggested scanning for the source of a transmission or any kind of audio device to determine where the voice came from. However, as Piri began to scan she wobbled in the air and warned Lisbon that she did not have it. As she shut down, Lisbon managed to catch Piri's falling shell as he and his fellow Guardians became disconnected from the Light.[3]

The voice within the Black Garden manifested as a doppelganger of the Fireteam and offered the Kentarch 3 great power while their Ghosts were rendered unconscious. Although all three accepted, Lisbon began to have serious doubts due to the Darkness being the source of the power and utilizing it. Piri attempted to halt some of these arguments as Lisbon became increasingly cold and distant,[4] which eventually resulted in a fight against Rekkana and Yardarm-4.[5] Lisbon won the fight, and in the aftermath Piri compiled and despaired in what they had done. Lisbon declared they had done the right thing before opening fire upon Piri. She managed to dodge Divinity's laser and began to flee as the Hunter pulled out his faster hand cannon to gun her down. Piri pleaded with him to stop and talk about why he was doing this, even offering to let him kill her if he just explained why first. As he threw a grenade in response, Piri knew his tactics and headed towards it instead of dodging, taking cover under a shelf of rock before using the subsequent smoke from the explosion as cover, believing that he would be expecting her to emerge from one of the sides of the affected area.[4]

Piri instead encountered Lisbon on the other side of the smoke cloud and marveled at his ability to predict what people would do. Knowing she needed to speak quickly, Piri noted that she knew he wanted to destroy her but then asked what was next and what he wanted. When Lisbon did not answer she realized in horror that he intended to die as well to take the secret about the power granted to them by the Darkness to the grave. Piri begged him to think of another way, and was confused when he looked up and behind her and stated that she was right and that was not the way. The figure moved past her and Piri turned to see that the real Lisbon was standing behind her still and that this was the doppelganger that had offered him the power in the Black Garden. As it made an offer to Lisbon to help him choose a new path and lift the burden his previous choice had placed upon him, Piri gathered herself to act as she was sure her Guardian would refuse further boons from the being. However, Lisbon instead asked the shadow to make him forget Rekkana, which it agreed to do as it embraced the Hunter.[4] At the same time, Piri was seized by the being within the Darkness, and when she reappeared alongside Lisbon outside the Garden, she found that she was no longer able to speak.[6]

After the Garden[edit]

With their memory of the incident in the Black Garden and memories of the other two members of the Kentarch 3 wiped from their minds, Piri and Lisbon became agents of The Hidden under the direction of Ikora Rey. They were eventually assigned to investigate the Altars of Reflection within Savathûn, the Witch Queen's throne world. During the course of the investigation, Lisbon utilized the Altar to recall the memories that had been taken from him and became obssessed with viewing Rekkana over and over again. He eventually fled the Altar and ran until his body gave out and he died, at which point Piri revived him.[7]

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