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"Crota! Gunnvor, the Dawncaller challenges you!"
— Gunnvor challenges Crota during The Great Disaster

Gunnvor, the Dawncaller was a Titan Guardian and member of the First Pillar Order. She fell on the Moon while fighting for The Last City in the Ocean of Storms during The Great Disaster.[1] She was partnered with the Ghost Hahn.


Shortly after the Battle of Burning Lake, the Vanguard ordered an invasion of the Moon to drive away the Hive occupying it and reclaim it for Humanity. Gunnvor was selected to be one of the commanders of the assault, leading the First Pillar Order into the battle. As their jumpships closed in on the Ocean of Storms to reinforce the Firebreak Order, Gunnvor issued orders to her Defenders to erect Wards upon landing and for the Strikers to take cover under the Wards or anywhere else they could find while providing covering fire for the retreating Firebreak Guardians. She then planned to regroup and launch a counterattack against the Hive. However, the battle quickly turned against the Vanguard as Crota, Son of Oryx entered the battle and slaughtered hundreds of Guardians. Seeking to buy time for Wei Ning, Gunnvor rallied the remaining First Pillars to her position and challenged Crota, charging him with a war cry. Sadly, Gunnvor fell to the Hive Prince's blade, and the battle ended in disaster for the Vanguard, coming to be known as the Great Disaster.[2]

More than a century later, the remains of Gunnvor's Ghost Hahn was discovered by the Young Wolf, along with the data on Gunnvor's final moments.[2]

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