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Vahkrii, the Insider
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House of Winter (Formerly)









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Wire Rifle
Shock Blade


Rapid Movement
High Durability
Solar Shield
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Vahkrii, the Insider is a Fallen sniper who serves as a Vanguard agent and spymaster. He once was a Baron of the House of Winter until the death of Draksis changed him. It was he who discovered the Unwanted jailbreak from the Prison of Elders.


Baron of Winter[edit]

"I was once a notorious "fixer" for Draksis, a Baron. I was a butcher and a murderer. I am lucky to be a part of the Vanguard, even after what I have done."
— Vahkrii adressing his past

Vahkrii was once a Baron of the House of Winter. He served as an assassin and manager under the rule of Draksis, the Kell of Winter. Before the death of Draksis, Vahkrii has by then killed a fireteam of Guardians, slain a Gate Lord, and killed around 3000 Vex and rival Fallen.

After Draksis[edit]

After The Guardian killed Draksis, Vahkrii was broken. He became a nomad, walking across the scorched surface of Venus, avoiding battle after battle, contemplating on the loss. After 2 years of living alone. He took a Skiff to Earth.

Agent of the Vanguard[edit]

On Earth, he traversed the ruins of old human civilization. There, he supported Guardians all around, killing assailing Fallen, slaying dark Hive, and saving Guardians. One day, he turned himself in to the Vanguard. Seeing him as useful and cunning, rather than executing him, they spared him and offered him a chance of redemption. He took the position and served as a top-secret agent of the Vanguard. When the Red Legion took the city, he watched refugees and killed any Cabal who tried to kill them. After the events of Forsaken, he revealed the Unwanted's and Scorn's locations to Help The Guardian find them. Throughout his time, however, he began to question where he is in all of this, conflicted on the matter of fighting along side the Vanguard or his own people.


"You know what Guardian? I don't know who to fight anymore. I hesitate to kill my own bretherin and sometimes disobey Vanguard orders, yet here I am."
"What do you mean? You're with us, you fight for the Traveler, the Light, the-"
"YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW THAT! *Ahem* What I mean is, I don't know if this Vanguard gig is working with me anymore. I don't feel like fighting my Eliksni brothers and sisters. I feel like I'm making a mistake. I feel like joining them once more."
"Are you saying that you're leaving the Vanguard!? We offered you protection and a chance of redemption! You're right, you are making a mistake."
"...Alright, prove it."
— Conversation between Vahkrii and The Ghost.

Vahkrii will start 10' away from The Guardian with his Wire Rifle out first. Upon beginning, he will dash away into the and vanish. He will attempt to avoid the Guardian as much as possible and snipe from a distance. If the Guardian is too close and is seen by Vahkrii, he will either sprint or teleport away. He will rarely climb walls and snipe from there. Upon 67% health, he will then attempt to cloak and appear close to the Guardian and fatally wound them with his Shock Blades. A way to counter this is to watch dust subtlely kicking off the ground and shooting above the spot or dodging his swing when the cloaking device makes the iconic crackle and hear him attempt to roar. Upon 33% health, he will drop his Wire Rifle and whip out his Shock Blades and run down the Guardian. Sometimes, he will climb up walls and pounce upon the Guardian. He will relentlessly chase the Guardian until he is defeated.


  • On the subject of the Unwanted, and how they represent sins, Vahkrii represents limbo, as he is stuck in between fighting for the Vanguard or the Fallen.