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Taken Brood Queen
Biographical information




Brood Queen (formerly)
Taken Wizard



Combat information


ArcS.png Necromantic Gaze
VoidS.png Null Nova Gaze
VoidS.png Nova Scream
StasisS.png Brood Spikes
ArcS.png Shocking Effect
ArcS.png Ground Slam
High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
Summon Taken
Summon Shadow Knights


Taken Brood Queens are unique, and extremely rare and high-ranking Taken Wizards that are former Hive Brood Queens


Once powerful Hive Wizard Morphs responsible for birthing entire legions of Hive. As Taken they can act as conduits for Taking power. Being able to take others as they desire. They are a far rarer sight than a normal Brood Queen with only one instance being known to exist.


A Taken Brood Queen's abilities change considerably once Taken. Their quick traveling Solar Fireball is replaced by the Arc Necromantic Gaze, which fires a delayed barrage of shots after a few moments of casting time. They have lost their Cloud of Darkness and replaced it with the ability to summon Shadow Knights. Like Taken Wizards, they should never be allowed to retreat, or they will summon hordes of problems for players to deal with. Like Hive Brood Queens they can use abilities like a normal Brood Queen but have been adjusted in element as a result of their Taking. For example, their "Fire Nova Gaze" is now a "Null Nova Gaze", with a "Nova Scream" to match but with Void energy instead of Solar. They can also use the "Brood Spikes" but as Stasis traps instead of Void traps. Their Ground Slams are even more terrifying in Taken form as instead of Solar they are Arc. This Ground Slam deals Arc Damage with a "Shocking Effect". They have lost the ability to summon a Shade, instead of having one they can summon excessively large numbers of Taken Psions.

Known Taken Brood Queens[edit]