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"I pity them, truly. The loss of their leadership has left them directionless, reduced to mere scavengers in the way of the Eliksni. They have become weak, and ripe for the picking."
Viznoor, the Black

The Shattered Brood are a large, amalgamated sect of Hive made of up remnants of the Hidden Swarm, Spawn of Crota and Savathûn's Brood after the loss of their leaders. Unlike most broods of Hive, the Shattered Brood have no true leaders, and act as scavengers attempting to carve out a realm for themselves within the solar system.



Due to sustaining countless casualties and loss of leadership over the years, the various broken broods within the Cosmodrome amalgamated together into a single entity out of sheer desperation. Following the events of Shadowkeep, the new Hive sect spread to Earth's Moon with the loss of Hashladûn, with pockets of Shattered Brood activity reported across the lunar surface and on the outskirts of the Scarlet Keep.

When Savathûn delved into hiding after failing to interfere with the Black Fleet's messages to the Guardians, the Hive fell into further structural collapse and many members of her brood were subsumed into the new malcontent Hive sect. The Shattered Brood soon fell into infighting, with several potential leaders struggling with each other to ascend to power, most notably the disgraced Wizard Navôta and her main rival Ak-Baral, both of which were slain. Deprived of commanders once more, the Shattered Brood spread out across the system while developing several splinter groups, one of which ending up within the Dreaming City, and another returning to the derelict Dreadnaught to hunker down and scavenge. They would also enter into several heated conflicts with the Fallen, with both sides receiving many casualties.

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