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Scarlet Fortress



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Public Events:

Shadow Harvest
Phantasmal Assault

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Scarlet Fortress is the stronghold of the Shadowkeepers and their Phantasms.


  • Shadowkeep Watchtower (Landing Zone)
    • Soul Generator (Lost Sector)
    • Scarlet Cavern (Lost Sector)
    • Arcane Battery (Lost Sector)
    • Shadowkeep Spire (Lost Sector)
  • Crimson Dungeon (Landing Zone)
    • Apparition's Domain (Lost Sector)
    • Illusion's Pathway (Lost Sector)
    • Nightmare's Haunt (Lost Sector)
    • Phantasmal Depths (Lost Sector)


Public Events[edit]

The Shadow Harvest sees a summoning of Shadowkeeper Hive harvesting ethereal energy from foes previously slain by the Guardians in an attempt to being them back as Phantasms. In order to complete the event, the Guardians must destroy the chitin-covered Hive crystals that are harvesting the energy. The chitin and crystals will initially be immune to all incoming damage. To break the chitin, one must obtain the Soul Breaker buff from killing Major Arc-shielded Shadowkeeper Vanquishers called Soul Protectors, and to break the crystals, one must obtain the Soul Destroyer buff from killing Major Shadowkeeper Wizards called Soul Harvesters; the player can only have one buff at a time, and they will each last 20 seconds. After destroying the crystals, a large Ultra Shadowkeeper Ogre covered in all three elemental shields simultaneously, called a Soul Berserker, will spawn, and must be killed to end the event. To access the Heroic version, all active players must obtain 5 stacks each of both the Soul Breaker and Soul Destroyer buffs; players can only obtain another buff when they collect the maximum stacks of their current buff. When all players have reached maximum stacks of both buffs, the crystals will summon a trio of large Ultra Phantasms, one from each enemy race. Killing the trio will end the Heroic event.

The Phantasmal Assault sees a gathering of Phantasms heading into battle from out of a Darkness portal and start an invasion of the entirety of the Moon's surface. In order to complete the event, the Guardians must keep the Phantasms inside a designated area near the portal and prevent them from escaping and hold off all incoming Phantasms for a few minutes. If too many Phantasms leave the designated area, the event fails. Occasionally, Hive Traps, Vestiges, and Shadowrifts will appear: the Hive Traps will randomly hold one Guardian in place; the Vestiges will greatly damage any players that wanders too close into it; the Shadowrift will summon additional Phantasms as a distraction. To access the Heroic version, all active players must shut down the portal by destroying its generators, which can only be accessed when all the traps, Vestiges, and rifts are shut down. When the portal generators are destroyed, an onslaught of Shadowkeepers will arrive; they must be fended off for one minute before a large Ultra Shadowkeeper Shrieker called Phantasms' Eye spawns; the Shrieker must be killed to end the Heroic event.