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Operation Sundowner



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The Almighty


Stop a Psion Flayer from repairing the Almighty and its sun-destroying weapon

When time breaks, stars will fall.

Operation Sundowner is the new Raid that released with the Season of Dawn following the fracture of time on Mercury. The premise of this Raid is to stop Thalaroc, the Uncleft Visage from using the temporal fractures of Mercury to repair the Almighty and put the Solar System at risk.

Unique Enemies[edit]


Before coming upon the encounter, the Guardian Fireteam will first touch down in a Warship drydock, where they will make their way past some Cabal patrols. Around the entire facility, there are visible cuts dividing the corridors and chambers aboard the ship, with some of these corridors appearing scorched and melted on one side, while clean and organized on the other, indicating the temporal fractures also affecting the ship. After cutting through the frame of the Cabal Warship and exiting the drydocks, the Fireteam ends up in the upper prong of the Almighty, where the beam originally transporting materials into the weapon itself is shut off. Their walkway towards the Almighty's core is scorched and melted, covered in ash. Soon, a massive, blown open door is seen blow the platform, as well as other Cabal Machinery. But after descending from the walkway and approaching the door, a temporal wave hits the area from the core, transforming the desolate environment into a neatly organized and clean deck, absent of Cabal vehicle wrecks, and the gate originally torn open was straightened and closed. By the door, melted armor floats by a temporal rift.

Open the Gate[edit]

Val Mornuth, the Rampager[edit]

Navigate the Nexus[edit]

Commander Nahk, the Executioner[edit]

Thalaroc, the Uncleft Visage[edit]