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Val Mornuth, the Rampager
Biographical information




Red Legion









Combat information


Operation Sundowner


Heavy Slug Thrower


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Kinetic Shielding
Missile Mortar Bombardment
Cluster Missiles
Deactivate Solar Shielding
Torment of Sol
Summon Turrets
Destroy Turret
Malfunction Stagger
Solar Beam
Manual Shield Dissipation


"A challenge! Pah! Finally! I can't wait to test this armor out on you insects!"
— Val Mornuth challenging the Guardian Fireteam

Val Mornuth, the Rampager is a Cabal Val stationed aboard The Almighty before being killed in the ship's malfunction. After being resurrected through the temporal fractures of the Sundial, however, he would be pulled back through time to aid in the repair of the ship under Thalaroc, the Uncleft Visage. He serves in the second encounter as the first boss of the Operation Sundowner Raid.


He will first emerge from the overhead bridge, smashing through the glass with his modified armor, where he will land by the exit of the arena before activating his Kinetic Shielding (players can sneak in some damage before this happens). His Kinetic Shielding allows him to deflect bullets back at targets, thus making him immune to all incoming damage. He will pace around the arena with his Heavy Slug Thrower, rapidly chewing through health and shields, while occasionally launching Cluster Missiles to slow his targets down. Occasionally, he will kneel down before launching a volley of mortar rockets to rain down upon the arena; direct hits from these missiles are fatal and can provide knock-back to anyone too close. Although rare due to his rapid maneuverability, he will use his thrusterpack to lift himself to another location. His Quake attack is fatal if anyone is too close.

For this encounter, there are two things to keep track of: the Solar Shielding and Boss Damage mechanics. To keep the Solar shielding engaged and allow more time for every other player, the shield must be reinstated every once and a while, using the security terminal in the southern quadrant of the arena to locate the correct Powerhouse Centurions with their respective charges. There will always be six of these Centurions in the arena, each with a core indicated by a sigil. An incorrect core will kill the carrier and decrease the timer, but the correct core will reset the Solar Shielding counter while spawning additional adds, occasionally with a Cabal Champion(s) among these troops.

As how to initiate a damage phase, players must use the Turrets placed around the arena to stagger him by shooting his power core on his back. However, this will not break his shield, instead, only stagger him, keeping him in place for the next step. If a Turret staggers him prematurely, he will go to that turret and destroy it. If all turrets are destroyed, the team is wiped. To damage him, the person stationed in the control room must point out the correct Powerhouse Centurion in the arena for any seekers. The seeker's job is to gather charges to power up the beam cannons and fire them once they are fully charged. Again, if the wrong core is placed in the beam cannon, the carrier is killed. Once the core is grabbed, the person should head to an optimal beam cannon and wait for any person to mount a Turret, but shouldn't wait for long, for the cores also have an expiration timer which will kill the player if they hold onto it for too long. Once Mornuth gets in front of the beam cannon, the turret should stun him and the core should be placed into the cannon, where the Solar Beam will break his Kinetic Armor, allowing the team to damage him. After 20 seconds of defending himself from his assailants, he will reengage his shielding and knock over the Turret which staggered him. After that, the team should rinse and repeat.

As for strategy, there should be 3 teams of 2. One team will be stationed inside the security office in the southern quadrant, where one will kill any ads that WILL pop up inside the office to defend and call out cores, while the other fetches the Shielding cores and pops indoors to help the 'office manager' with their occasionally spawning Exothermic Engineer. The other two teams will be defending the east and west quadrants, with one of these members killing adds and distracting Mornuth while the other hunts for their Centurion and powers the core while also helping to kill their Exothermic Engineer.