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Labyrinth: Wrath


Self-Titled (Story)
Reemergence (Mission)

Labyrinth: Patience


Season of Salvation




Unknown Space
The Plane
Ascendant Realm


Infiltrate the Plane one last time and save the Aspect within the Ascendant Realm.

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Labyrinth: Patience is the ninth story mission of Season of Salvation. After devising a plan to prevent Airy from disrupting the cleansing ritual, Eris Morn sends the Guardian on one last incursion into the Plane to save the last soul from its corruption.


  • Activate the Universe Modulator
    • Set down the device and transport yourself inside the Plane.
  • Traverse the Vessel
    • Dive deeper into Airy's ship and enter The Chantry.
  • Take Down the Vex Barrier
    • X out of 2 Oracles destroyed
      Defeat Arc Cranium Bearers and destroy the Oracles powering the up Vex barrier.
  • Traverse Deeper
    • Enter the Whitmore Labyrinth and locate the Taken Aspect within.
  • Gather up Data
    • X% Data deposited
      Defeat Data Holder Harpies and deposit their Data Motes into the conflux.
  • Defeat Paravatos, Vengeful Mind.
    • Slay the Vex Mind blocking your path forward.
  • Traverse Deeper
    • Traverse further into the Whitmore Labyrinth and locate the Taken Aspect.
  • Enter the Portal
    • Enter the Ascendant Portal and enter the Ascendant Realm.
  • Set Down the Universe Modulator
    • Place down the device and call forth Airy and Liam.
  • Defeat Airy
    • Defeat Airy, the Witness's Chosen.
  • Lure Airy Out
    • Activate the Universe Modulator and lure Airy out of the Ascendant Realm.
  • Defeat Airy
    • Defeat Airy, the Witness's Chosen.
  • Save Liam, Aspect of Wrath
    • Save Liam, Aspect of Wrath and cleanse it from Airy's influence.



Vex - Sol Collective


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