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Consul Karn
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Red Legion







Combat information


Cabal Bronto Cannon
Cabal Frag Detonator
Arc Cabal Severus


Vortex Rotunda
Flame Blanket
Satellite Lasers
Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Strafe Thrusters
Bleedout Effect


Consul Karn is Dominus Ghaul's mentor and the Consul of the Cabal political system. He assisted Ghaul in overthrowing the previous Emperor, Calus, and the attack on The Last City.


Consul Karn has multiple phases, each involving the use of all three elements in the following order: Void, Solar, Arc, with each stage getting more dangerous as time passes.

Void Phase[edit]

Karn will activate a Vortex Rotunda, a gigantic sphere of Void energy that occupies the entire area. Once within this sphere, Guardians receive a debuff that reduces ability recharge rate and increases damage taken from his Cabal Bronto Cannon, which has a faster fire rate and velocity, higher damage, and larger blast radius than the regular version. Shooting at the sphere will trigger the Solar phase.

Solar Phase[edit]

Karn with open up the Cabal Flame Jets on the floor and prime them to fire, creating a Flame Blanket on the ground. They will switch on and off periodically. These flame jets must be destroyed to continue the encounter. They cannot be damaged when activated. Karn will be equipped with a Cabal Frag Detonator, launching frag grenades to continuously bombard Guardians. After shutting down the flame jets, the Arc phase, the most dangerous phase of all, will commence.

Arc Phase[edit]

Karn will send in Cabal reinforcements and will deploy satellite lasers from around the room. These lasers take time to charge up, but have a massive blast radius and are always an instant kill. All Cabal will need to be killed, including a Bloodguard Colossus by the name of Primus Ral'urn. Killing him will bring down Karn's immunity barrier, sending Karn into a berserker rage. He will aggressively charge his foes and cut them down with his Cabal Severus, which he slams on the ground with immense force, sending electric shockwaves toward the player. Anyone who gets cut will bleed out for 10 seconds. However, he will be vulnerable to damage for 30 seconds.


After sustaining damage, Karn will return to the center of the arena and call in a massive bomb on the Guardians. If shelter is not sought, the entire team wipes. Otherwise, it's back to square one.