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Avaxis, Only Proxy
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Avaxis, Only Proxy was a Fallen Archon affiliated by the House of Eon. He was the only Eliksni that was able to part from the House of Eon. He later died after Fireteam OvO discovered his location.



In the aftermath of the Whirlwind, Avaxis was born inside of a ketch with his mother, his sister, and a Servitor. During his time growing up, he would be play fighting with his sister, and attempting to create weapons for the armory. He was taught to hate the Traveller for leaving the Eliksni, and would believe those words. When the ketch landed, he was forced to watch as everyone, including his mother and sister, were killed by Warlords, and ran away with only a few supplies. When he was at a safe distance he saw the Traveller, and swore vengeance for killing his family. Avaxis would devise plans to kill surrounding village people utilizing the limited number of shanks he had, and would also create his own shrapnel launcher. He would learn to show no mercy, and would laugh as he burned down villages and slaughtered the people.

Joining the House of Eon[edit]

During a raid, Avaxis was shot in the abdomen by a Guardian, and was about to die, if not saved by a strange figure. This being would make a deal with Avaxis, finding a "need" for his strategizing and intelligence. Agreeing, Avaxis would be led to the location of the House of Eon, where he would be able to devise more plans and create more weapons to kill more people. He would make close friends with the many members of the House, and ended up being an Archon later on.

Betrayal and Runaway[edit]

Decades after his encounter with the House of Eon, Avaxis was encountered by the being that saved his life. The figure told Avaxis that it was time for him to learn to secrets of the House of Eon. Avaxis was then told to follow the figure and complied, ending up in the lower levels of the House of Eon's location. There, Avaxis was shocked to find Taken, but was told not to be afraid. There, they reached an altar that was filled with Darkness. The figure told Avaxis that the altar was a teller of time that could be used to tell when the Darkness will arrive. Avaxis wondered if they would fight the Darkness, but was distraught when he was told they would embrace it with open arms. Afraid, Avaxis left the location with nothing but his shrapnel launcher and his tools.

Not soon after Avaxis left, he was targeted by members of the House of Eon, including Taken oddly enough. Avaxis was barely able to escape in every encounter and was only able to survive due to his intelligence and quick thinking. By the time Avaxis reached the Cosmodrome, he lost an arm and his shrapnel launcher. With the remaining tools he had, Avaxis was able to create a Molten Welder and a Shank.

The Cosmodrome and The Hunt[edit]

During Avaxis's time hiding in the Cosmodrome, he was joyed when he saw a ghost bring a corpse back to life. Avaxis then spent his time striking the Risen numerous times to the point of nearly killing his ghost. He would later be disappointed when the Risen would leave after finding a sparrow. During this time, another Fallen House known as the House of Devils discovered his location, and attacked Avaxis. Avaxis was able to escape again, sacrificing his single shank to detonate. With no where else to go, Avaxis had to resort to going to the European Dead Zone.

A Stranger[edit]

"We're only two specks of dust in an infinite home, what makes you think you can make a difference?"
— Saphix questioning Avaxis

During Avaxis's journey to the EDZ, he met a Risen who was named Saphix. When questioned, Avaxis became more hostile, asking questions on who he was. Saphix was intrigued, and asked what was his desire. Avaxis, now feeling pain and grief, said he wanted to help all of Eliksni kind. Saphix laughed out the idea, saying that he was only a mere pawn, and that he'll die with no purpose, like a Dreg. Scared, Avaxis ran from him, afraid of the mere presence Saphix was creating. Before he fully ran away, he was captured by Vex Goblins, and was brought back to Saphix. Saphix merely stated that Avaxis was a fool to think running was a smart idea. Saphix was forced to retreat when a Fallen Skiff arrived. Avaxis was more confused on why the Vex wouldn't attack Saphix. Avaxis left after, but the encounter left a traumatized Avaxis.

Hiding In The Shores[edit]

Realizing that being on Earth was more bad than good, Avaxis was determined to find a ship and leave the planet. The best he could do was hijack a hovering Skiff and kill the inhabitants. Without a functional servitor and a living pilot, Avaxis decided to fly the plane himself. This ended up going badly, as Avaxis did not know how to pilot a plane. The skiff ended up crashing into the Tangled Shore, which was already inhabited. Content with where he was, Avaxis decided to settle in a cave for the rest of his days.


Decades later, Avaxis was tired of being in the shore, as the only thing that really happened were turf wars and hunts. Without any glimmer, Avaxis began killing other Fallen to obtain that amount of glimmer. Without any skiff on sale, Avaxis was left with too much glimmer and a lot of Fallen enemies. He was only able to survive after buying the Spider's good terms with him.

Avaxis was beginning to feel more frustrated rather than content. He felt that emotion the longer he stayed on the shore. With no where else to go, Avaxis was forced to remain inside his hideout, safe from prying eyes, but slowly dying of boredom.


"He should've known by now. He's a mere encounter, nothing else"
— Saphix's thoughts on Avaxis

During another day of hiding, Avaxis was prepared to kill himself using his molten welder. Before he did, he heard his entrance collapse, frightening Avaxis and causing him to quickly put in a House of Eon sigil. Instead, it was RoadRider and Fireteam OvO, who had orders to kill Avaxis. At first Avaxis thought it was easy, before being shot and killed by RoadRider's golden gun.