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This whole world is an adventure, isn't it? And we get a thousand chances to live it.

Gryphon-11 is an Exo Risen who lived during the Dark Age.


While travelling to the Red Valley, Gryphon encountered another Risen named Felwinter travelling in the same direction and proposed they travel together for awhile. Gryphon and his Ghost attempted to engage the other Exo in conversation as they travelled, although he remained quiet and let his Ghost Felspring do most of the talking. Questioning where his new companion was heading, Gryphon was perplexed when Felspring claimed they did not know and asked if they were simply just walking the Earth. His Ghost offered for them to join them at Red Valley, but Felspring then claimed they just did not know the name of where they were going. Satisfied with this answer, Gryphon assumed Felwinter was on an adventure and declared that the whole world was there for the Risen to explore and have adventures in.[1]

The duo eventually entered a abandoned factory and warehouse district that showed evidence of former occupation by the Fallen. Gryphon loosened his gun from his holster just in case, a precaution that proved necessary when over thirty combat Frames ambushed them from the warehouses. Swearing as Felwinter shouted to get to cover, the two Risen fought back to back against their foes, reviving each other when the other fell. After destroying more than half the frames with their guns and grenades, Gryphon and Felwinter began running low on ammo and energy as even the badly damaged Frames continued to close in on them. The battle ended when Gryphon gathered Arc energy in his hands and threw three bolts at their remaining foes, annihilating them. Gryphon was surprised by this, having never done such a feat with the Light before, but quickly grew concerned as they examined the Frame's remains. He and his Ghost recognized the symbol of the Warmind Rasputin on the Frames, and Gryphon turned to his companion in shock and wondered what he had done to get a Warmind to chase after him.[1]

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