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The Hunter's combat knife.

"Firearms are more than enough for a Warlock to carry into battle. Knives always seemed extraneous to me until I saw what a Hunter could do with them. Everything has its place."
Ikora Rey

The Hunter Knife is a multipurpose combat knife utilized by Guardians of the Hunter class. It is a utilitarian melee weapon, designed to ensure versatility in close-quarters combat. Hunters are capable of using the knife to silently eliminate their targets.[1]

In the Gunslinger subclass, the knife doubles as a throwing knife. It can be thrown at enemies when its melee timer is fully charged; otherwise, the player will just stab with the knife. In the Bladedancer subclass, the knife is used as part of the Arc Blade super by being infused with Arc Light.


  • Early in the development of Destiny, it is possible that the knife would be the standard melee weapon for all classes as footage from the E3 2013 gameplay reveal depicted a Warlock wielding the weapon.[2] This has since been changed in the Alpha, now that Warlocks and Titans get their own melee attacks in the form of Palm and Punch, respectively.
  • The blade of the knife bears the insignia of the Hunter class.
  • In Destiny 2, the knife is used by all Hunter subclasses except the Arcstrider and Revenant. The player instead uses their own fist to melee, similarly to Titans.


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